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I have a confession to make, I was planning to review the Portfolio Times in detail this issue and I had a good read when I received it. Unfortunately, before getting around to writing the review, I managed to lose my copies of both issue 1 and 2!

Therefore, this review is being done from memory...

The Portfolio was Atari’s palmtop computer. Released before the Psion range, it lead the way in the world of mini-computing. This was a number of years ago now, and like all of the once popular Atari products, it has all but disappeared from the limelight.

However, there are still a number of Portfolio users out there and new machines are still available. Catering for this is the Portfolio Club UK run by Paul Finch, and the Portfolio Clubs quarterly magazine ’The Portfolio Times’ edited by John Adams.

In the first two issues, there have been a number of articles centering mainly on the Portfolio, these ranged from reviews to programming tutorials. They were in general well written and interesting to read.

Presentation varied dramatically between the two issues with the second being far superior. It looks as though further changes are in the pipe-line as John has decided to move over to a disk based format...

If you are a Portfolio user, you are in for a very informative read, there’s a lot here for you. However for the general Atari user, the content is limited!

Portfolio Times 1 & 2

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