Titan Designs Press Release - 11 October 1997

Titan Designs/Black Scorpion Software

PRESS RELEASE Dated: 11th October 1997.


Titan Designs have now been confirmed as the exclusive distributor for Digital Art’s LAYOUT. This latest version is now up to v6.1 and includes many new features. Available in Atari and Mac formats, we are also offering cross-grades (i.e. from Atari to Mac). See below for more details on how to obtain the best DTP program for the Atari!

SEE US AT: ATARI SHOWS - BIRMINGHAM/LONDON (18th/19th October), APPLE EXPO - OLYMPIA, LONDON (5th to 8th November). We may also be attending the Paris Show, early December.

14MB Falcon memory upgrades now available - finally! Appy-polly-loggies to all those who have been waiting remarkably patiently - your reward is a new price of £99 for the complete kit!

New Scanmaker 24-bit colour, flatbed scanners, including ScanX software for only £219! Afterburner040 ’LC’ and ’RC’ versions now available from £399!

PLEASE NOTE: If you require any item for the show, please let us know beforehand (pref. by Wednesday). We can then ensure that stock items will be available for collection.

DA’s Layout v6.1 - Now from Titan Designs

DA’s Layout is the definitive DTP and Vector Graphic program for the Atari and Macintosh range of computers, and incorporates the most sophisticated DTP engine, combined with extensive Bézier Vector graphic support.

DA’s Layout is the choice of the professional. No argument!

DA’s Layout v6.1 integrates tools for practically any publishing job; Page Layout, Vector Graphics, Image Integration, as well as Font Editing. DA’s Layout has the required functionality for preparation of colour printing jobs, such as colour separation (process colours and 8 spot colours with Chromatic or Achromatic composition) and on-screen colour correction of photos (with the unique ink simulation display on the monitor). The high quality, hand optimized screen technology allows black/white and colour reproductions of absolute professional quality - all this at an unparalleled price/performance ratio.

Key Features

Following are brief details of the four versions;

DA’s Layout

Incorporates full DTP page layout combined with Vector Editing features. Price: £189 + VAT (£222.06 incl. VAT).

DA’s Layout Pro

As Layout, but with Font Editing, Barcode Generation and Vector Autotracing. Price: £309 + VAT (£363.08 incl. VAT).

DA’s Layout EPS

As Layout, but bundled with Clipping Extensions and EPS-AI3-Import modules. Price: £399 + VAT (£468.83 incl. VAT).

DA’s Layout Pro Designer Bundle

As Layout Pro, but bundled with Archive, Extruder, Compose, Calibration, Clipping Extensions and EPS-AI3-import. Price: £629 + VAT (£739.08 incl. VAT).

DA’s Layout is also fully extensible with the addition of modules. These include (all prices including VAT & carriage);

DA’s Archive £79
DA’s 3D Extrude £79
DA’s Compose £109
DA’s Calibration £109
DA’s Clipping Extensions £109
DA’s EPS-AI3-Import £199
DA’s Photoscreen 720dpi £159
DA’s Photoscreen 3600dpi £249

A demo is downloadable from: www.compdirect.com/digital-arts/atari/

Please contact us for more details.

Afterburner040 New low price

We now have limited stock of the Afterburner040 ’LC’ version for only £399. Please note that we do NOT expect any more Afterburners after this batch! The ’RC’ versions remain at £499 and are also in limited supply.

Fast-RAM memory prices have also been reduced;

4MB - £19.95
8MB - £34.95
16MB - £69.95
32MB - £139.95

Afterburner can operate with just a single SIMM and even unmatched pairs, so there are various options open for extended memory. CARRIAGE INCLUDED.

Falcon 14MB memory upgrades - New low price

Yup, we now offer a complete 14MB Falcon memory upgrade for the new low price of only £99 including VAT and postage!

Supplied with the interface card is a 16MB, 60ns EDO SIMM for optimum performance when used with Nemesis.

NO SOLDERING REQUIRED - simply replace the existing memory board! CARRIAGE INCLUDED.

Colour flatbed scanners for ATARI!!! NEW PRODUCT

A great new bundled deal. 24-bit colour, single-pass SCSI flatbed scanner complete with Atari software.

Microtek Scanmaker E3 - £219.00 - 24-bit, 300x600dpi optical res.

Also included is the full PC package, i.e. software, SCSI card, etc.

The more advanced Scanmaker E6 (600x1200dpi) can also be supplied - please call for details. There is also a professional version of ScanX being developed, and there will be an upgrade between the two versions. Carriage - please add £10.00 within the UK.

PLEASE NOTE: If you want to purchase one at the show, please let us know as we are only taking a limited stock.

Hades 040/060 UPDATE

We are now able to supply the Hades computer complete with 32MB of memory and a 3.2GB E-IDE hard disk drive at the same price!

Full specification

Retail price £1299.00, including VAT.

OPTIONS: 68060-60MHz CPU - add £349.00 (highly recommended!)
4.0GB E-IDE hdd - add £99.00
5.1GB E-IDE hdd - add £179.00
Extra 16MB RAM - add £69.95 each
ATI Mach 64 (2MB) graphic card - add £69.00


Fantastic reductions in monitor prices!
14" SVGA - from £129.00
15" SVGA - from £189.00
17" SVGA - from £349.00

Titan PC’s - Powerful, inexpensive & reliable

Our high quality PC’s have also been upgraded with no increase in price. They now include the Cyrix MX processor, 4.3GB hard drive, 24x CD-ROM and the incredible Matrox Mystique graphic card with 220MHz RAMDAC.

The following machine is priced at only £1199.00 plus VAT (£1408.83 incl. VAT);

Cyrix MX-P200 processor - 200MHz - faster than Intel P200 MMX!
Abit VX motherboard, 512K cache, Jumperless, with DIMM socket
Diamond Mini-tower
Massive 4.3GB hard disk drive!
Super-fast 24-speed CD-ROM!!
Creative Labs AWE 64 Value sound card
160 watt speakers
Panasonic 15" SVGA monitor, 0.27mm dot pitch, FST, 85Hz refresh
Windows 95 pre-loaded, MS Mouse, and 105-keyboard.
FREE Action CD

Alternatively the following specification for only £765.00 plus VAT (£898.88 incl. VAT);

IBM Cyrix 6x86 P200+ - 200MHz - faster than Intel Pentium P200!
Pentium VX motherboard (MMX ready), 512K cache + DIMM socket
Diamond Mini-tower
3.2GB hard disk drive
24-speed CD-ROM
Yamaha PnP 16-bit 3D sound card
50 watt speakers
Matrox Mystique graphic card 2MB SGRAM, 220MHz RAMDAC
Daytek 15" SVGA monitor, 0.28mm dot pitch
Window 95 pre-loaded, Mouse, and 105-keyboard.
FREE Action CD

REMEMBER: Either of these can be completely tailored to your needs - parts can be taken off, added to, or changed for higher (or lower) specified components. You tell us what you want!

Prices, Carriage & Stuff

All prices quoted in this press release are in UK pounds sterling. Prices include VAT @ 17.5%, which applies to the UK and any other EC countries. When ordering from outside the EC please deduct 17.5%, i.e. £49.95 becomes £42.51, £79.95 becomes £68.04, etc., from all the prices.

Carriage is extra unless otherwise stated, so please call first for further advice. Please make all cheques payable to TITAN DESIGNS LTD.

Titan Designs/Black Scorpion Software
6 Witherford Way, Selly Oak, Birmingham B29 4AX. U.K.


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