1997 Atari Times Awards

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In order to pay tribute to those people who have supported the Atari scene over the last year, the Atari Times is launching the Atari Times Awards...

All you have to do to vote is either, fill in the form on the Atari Times Homepage (http://www.users.zetnet.co.uk/polonowski), email your votes on the categories below to polonowski[-At-]zetnet.co.uk, or write them clearly on a piece of paper and send them to 1997 Atari Times Awards, c/o Colin Polonowski, The Croft, Hope Rd, Nibley, Nr Yate, Bristol, BS37 5JH.

The biggest award is the ’Special award for services to the Atari community’. Before voting on this we think you should consider your answer very carefully.

Voting will end on the 1st December 1997 so make sure you’ve made your contribution to the final results. The December issue of the Atari Times (UK) will be the first publication to print the results. After this a few other atari magazines will be given access to the results for possible publication. If you wish to print the results in your publication then email Colin Polonowski at the address above.

The final results will also be made available on the Atari Times Homepage as soon as they have been confirmed, even if this is before the release of the December Atari Times.

That’s all you need to know, so go on and get voting...




This is similar to the lifetime achievement awards that are given out at things like the oscars. Should be someone who you feel deserves a signifacant amount of recognition for what they have done in the past for the Atari platforms. This person does no longer needs to be an active Atari supporter but they must have made a significant impact when they were...

Thanks to Neil Jones-Rodway, Steve Delaney, Joe Connor, Roy Goring, Mike Kerslake, Ronald J Hall, Andrew Whittaker, Greg George and You!

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