Leisure Suit Larry 3

He's back. Again. First he made a rebound in Larry 2, and now he's appeared again in Larry 3. We already know that his other two games were far from brilliant, but how does this one look? Well, not as bad as the other two, but definitely not as good as Monkey Island. It's OK, I suppose.

The third game in the Larry series has got a completely new look, much better graphics are there for you to look at and the puzzles have got a touch better. Anyway, on loading the game you are presented with questions which you much answer. Getting them all right will allow you to play on the "Dirtiest" level, getting none right will mean you have to load the game again. Anyway, on with the plot.

Larry has lost his job and his wife has left him. And guess what he's got to do now? Go and find another wife. So off he goes to the island of Nontonnyt (who the hell made up that name?) trying to find a new woman.

This game is controlled in the "point and click" style used by Monkey Island, although it is also necessary for you to type in commands at some points.

The graphics are better, as said, but the game is so slow you've got time to make a cup of tea while you wait for Larry to walk across the screen. There is also the disk swapping for you to get used to. If you don't own a hard drive or the like, you'll be required to swap between four disks almost continuously. Maybe the game would be better if it wasn't so slow. But, if you can bear this, the game's alright.

From: Kixx XL/Sierra Contact: 021 625 3311 Price: œ14.99

The Uppers.....

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Overall: 60%

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