Grandad 2: In Search of the Sandwiches

We couldn't review Grandad and the Quest for the Holey Vest without reviewing its sequel, now could we? No. Well, here is Grandad's sequel; Grandad 2: In Search of the Sandwiches. Grandad was fed up with staying indoors all the time. So, he decided it was time to get out a bit. On his way to the local theme park, Funland, a sales man done a part exchange with him - he swapped his wheelchair for a brand new, sparkling, 3mph tricycle. Brilliant eh? Well, anyway. He got to the theme park, paid a huge œ2.50 to get in, and sat down for a while. After he'd had a nice look around, he came out again, and sat around for a little while in the other park, which you don't have to pay for. Just as he realised he was getting hungry, he remembered he had left his sandwiches in Funland, and because he's a stingy old man, bless him, he doesn't want to pay œ2.50 to go in again. In fact, he doesn't have œ2.50 to go in again, so you must help him get back into Funland, and solve puzzles to help him find his sandwiches.

This sequel is even better. There are now loads of sampled sounds like birds singing, toilets flushing and flashers flashing. Well, not quite the latter, but anyway.... There are also loads of new people to talk to; Quentin Shinyring - the guy in the men's toilets who's the other way inclined, a rather sadistic tourist, a fisherman, a tramp.... the list is endless. The graphics are even better, and thankfully, the charge level which appeared in the original Grandad has been discarded.

The puzzles have become a little harder, but this is no bad thing; there's nothing worse than completing a game in one day. Grandad 2 is also Shareware, and to enter Funland, a protection matrix from Ian Scott is required. This costs œ8, but is definitely worth it as a lot of hard work has gone into the game.

What about a Grandad 3 I hear you ask? Well, unfortunately, this will never happen. Ian Scott has since moved onto the PC and therefore Grandad 3, if it does come out, will appear on that format. Oh well, you never know - we might release a Grandad 3 for the ST!

From: Dynamic PDL/Most good PDLs Contact: 0983 867377 Price: Free with own disks (2) and SAE, else œ1.95

The Uppers.....

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Overall: 98% * Gold Star Award *

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