Have you ever wished that your ST could assign samples to operations? You know, like a sample screaming "No! Please don't kill me, I haven't done anything!" when you drag a file to the trash can, or "Put me down! Put me down I can walk on my own" in the tone of Norman Bates' Mother (from the film Psycho) when you pick up an icon and drag it to another disk. Well, I certainly have. And now it's possible with a copy of MiNT and G-Bell.

G-Bell requires a hard drive to store the samples in, or a ramdisk (you need to have about 8Mb of memory in your ST in this case!). Using a word-processor, you edit a file which contains what files are to be played according to what operations are performed. Once this is done, the samples should be placed on the hard drive in the right partition, or in a ramdisk with the right drive letter. And then, pop G-Bell in the AUTO folder along with MiNT and your samples will be played!

This program is STE only, because it uses DMA sounds and the STE's DMA hardware. The reason it uses this hardware us so nothing freezes up when the sample is played. On an STFM, this would occur because sounds are created and played by the main processor, but on the STE, sounds are played by the DMA processor. So make sure you have an STE when you order this program.

Overall, it's not very user friendly. Editing the file takes a bit of getting used to, and because it requires MiNT, you can only run TOS programs under it. This is a shame, but perhaps the author will bring out another version of it. Overall, I think you'd be better off with a commercial program like Crazy Sounds.....

From: Dynamic PDL/Most good PDLs Contact: 0983 867377 Price: Free with own disk and SAE, else œ1.00

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Overall: 60%

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