Colour Clash

The scenario is simple. You play the part of Antonius, a little Chameleon who has to do his best to battle through 50 screens in an attempt to get back with his girlfriend.

You see, one day Antonius was just minding his own business, having a good time with his girlfriend, when suddenly, the evil professor took him away and placed him at the beginning of fifty different mazes. Providing Antonius can complete these fifty mazes without being killed, then he will be able to lead a normal life with his girlfriend. Again.

Because Antonius is a Chameleon, he can change colour simply by collecting special coloured blocks. These blocks all give Antonius different powers, but they can only be used once. These powers, once collected, are activated by pressing the FIRE button. His standard power/colour is YELLOW which allows him to jump when you press fire. Green goes a bit further, allowing you to kill enemies and break blocks while blue lets you move blocks around with Antonius' tongue. Finally, there is red, which makes Antonius inflate like a balloon and take off in the air!! All these powers are used to complete a level and to complete a level, you just need to collect all the objects!

There are various hindrances, as always, such as enemies, time bombs and laser beams which all do their best to stop your from making progress, but providing you keep at it, you'll eventually complete it. There are fifty levels altogether, and they get harder as you go on, I can tell you!

Colour Clash also uses a password system which means that you don't have to keep starting from level one every time you die; you just type in the password for the level you wish to start on. Even though there's not much sound and the graphics aren't the best on a game, the gameplay is there and so is the addictiveness, which is what I think a game's all about. If you like Colour Clash, then you'll also like the other games in the ANIMALSOFT series such as Pyscho Pig One & Two.

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The Uppers.....

and the Downers

Overall: 85% * Bronze Star Award *

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