Captain Dynamo

Well here's a blast from the past! Captain Dynamo has finally made it into a review in Atari Update. Another cheap 'n' cheeful game from Codemasters, Captain Dynamo features a 75 year old geriatric super-star who's suprisingly called Captain Dynamo for one reason or another. Yes, er, well.

What has happened is the evil and cruel Austen von I-can't-spell-his-other-name has gone and stolen the earth's most expensive and largest collection of diamonds. Anyway, this blokey (who's 72, believe it or not) has gone and put these diamonds all over a ship that is full of nasty creatures and devices that are desperate to kill you. And then comes the big guess for all of you. What do you have to do? Collect the diamonds and get to the teleporter.

Captain Dynamo is a very playable platformer indeed. The enemies are all pretty cute and vary from worms to bats, although there are less cute traps like blasters and crushers. Unfortunately Captain Dynamo doesn't hold any weapons, and therefore when faced by an nasty, he has to jump out of the way. Weird eh?

Don't be put off, though. Although this game is easy, it's hard. I know that doesn't make any sense, but what I'm trying to say is although you won't complete it on the first go, you won't be stuck frustrated trying to get that little bit further. This makes Captain Dynamo very addictive indeed. The graphics are also very cartoony indeed. They're bright and bubbly, just like the graphics in Crystal Kingdom Dizzy. The tune's also similar - bouncy and brilliant and boppy and other words beginning with B.

Overall, I'd advise Captain Dynamo to all of you. At œ7.99, who's complaining. And it's addictive so you won't abandon it after a day or two of playing. A nice, round game.

From: Codemasters Contact: 0926 814132 Price: œ7.99

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Overall: 87% * Bronze Star Award *

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