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Note - This version is only in it's Beta testing mode, it is not a full game yet as a lot more needs to be added.

The Scene It is the year 2196. You are a special operative based on the planet Neptune which was terraformed almost twenty years ago. Your current mission is to investigate the recent increase in crime in Neptune's largest city, Metroville. All clues point to the large warehouse complex on the edge of the city.

Background Info

Hellgate is a "fully 3D, first-person perspective, action packed shootem 'up" in the style of Doom which many of you should have heard about if not played.

But what makes this different?

This game has so far been developed entirely in STOS with it's 3D extension thing. Even though this is in it's early stages you can see quite a significant difference between this and substation (the only other doom clone on the ST). There is more colour, more detail on floors, peculiar enemies and the ability to control your character with the mouse.


The animations are well done, such as turning of machine gun and when you die, which you will do very often on suicide difficulty. The levels are more or less rooms with an unusual method of bypassing doors.

The levels can be confusing at times, but it's fairly easy to get around them and you'll find yourself stumbling over the exit sooner or later.

At the end of each section there is a big bad boss for you to kill, have fun.

And weapons?

There is a small array of weapons for you to find, though you do start off with a pistol. There's a shotgun, chaingun, rifle and a rocket launcher. There are however, no non ammo weapons such as knives, sticks, fists etc.

What about Graphics & Sound?

The graphics aren't excellent, but they are well set out and things can be made out fairly clearly. The enemies are extremely unusual polygons.

Turning quickly can distort the view of the walls, in fact it looks as if you can see through them.

The music can be annoying, however you can turn this off so that's a very good thing indeed.

The sound of gun fire is very pleasing, and when things are hit too.

Any Extras?

There are no "special" weapons as such, but there are secret rooms with ammo and useful items dotted around the levels.


It's a game well done, especially in STOS.
The graphics and sounds are reasonably good.
More colourful than substation.


Without a hard drive it takes ages to load.
mouse control can be a bit dodgy.
It's still not finished.



Minimum System
1 meg Atari ST, Mouse, Low res monitor or TV

Contact Details
E-mail: dswalters@dial.pipex.com
WWW: http://ds.dial.pipex.com/town/close/xom85

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