Titan Press Release 04/04/98


Many thanks for your votes and support!

It’s our 8th Anniversary, and to celebrate we’ve finally updated our Web site!

TITANWEB: Now using frames, so you will need CAB v1.5 or higher to view the site. If you don’t currently have this version, logging onto TITANWEB will place you at a page where v1.5 can be downloaded. Our URL at foot of this page.

E-MAILS: Please note we are now receiving in excess of 10 e-mails a day and simply do not afford the time to reply to everyone. This might mean some e-mails may reply unanswered for a few days, but we will make every effort to reply as soon as possible.

HADES 040/060: Now supplied with with 16MB EDO and 2.5GB Ultra-DMA for only #1249.00! Model with 32MB EDO RAM & 4.3GB Ultra-DMA hard drive only #1295.00!

IBM 720MB 2.5“ IDE hard disk drives: New price - superb for internal use on a Falcon. Now only #129.00!

SCSI II HARD DRIVES: LOWER prices mean we can now offer a 2.16GB Ultra-SCSI II for only #149.

SPARQ REMOVABLE DRIVES: The latest SparQ 1.0GB removable cartridge system is now available at #179.00. IDE or Parallel port interfaces only, so not suitable for Atari although we may look at the possibility of these replacing the internal 2.5” IDE drive on the Falcon.

2x2x6 and 2x4x6 - suitable for Recording on Atari machines. SCSI CD-ROM drives have also reduced dramatically in price.

We’re also supplying a lot more media these days - Laser toners, Inkjet & Bubblejet cartridges, CD-Recordable disks - give us a call.

A complete range of superb monitors to meet any need. The range includes 14“ right up to 21”, and even includes a 14“ LCD (equivalent to 15” CRT) - if you can afford it! Best news yet is a 17“ model for only #299.00!

ALL PRICES QUOTED THROUGHOUT INCLUDE VAT. The hash sign (#) indicates price in UK pounds sterling

FALCON 14MB MEMORY UPGRADE: Now only #79.95!

We are currently evaluating the latest Microtek Scanmaker 330 with the ScanX Atari software. Call for more details.

Special Offers

HADES 040/060
We continuously monitor peripheral prices and can announce yet another specification increase for the same price of #1295.00!

Now included is a 4.3GB Ultra-DMA hard disk drive and 32MB of EDO RAM. All this fitted into Suntek MIDI Towers - superbly engineered cases with sliding front door for access to floppy, CD, etc.

As above but with 16MB EDO RAM & 2.5GB Ultra-DMA - #1249.00.

DA’s LAYOUT v6.1
Integrated DTP and Bezier Vector Editor, with competitive upgrading for Calamus(R) and Pagestream(R) users from #109.00.

Titan Designs can now offer the complete range of Belinea monitors. Belinea have a growing reputation and currently hold the largest market share in Germany (more than 740,000 sold in Europe during 1997!). This gives us the confidence to recommend these models.

Ranging from entry-level 14” monitors to professional 21“ models. 14” SVGA monitor from #129.00

15“ SVGA monitor from #169.00
17” SVGA monitor from #295.00
17“ SVGA monitor #469.00 - ** DIAMONDTRON tube **
19” SVGA monitor #599.00
21“ SVGA monitor #969.00

Various other monitor types are available; CTX, Panasonic, iiyama, etc.

LCD flat panel screens, from #1349.00 (well, someone might be interested :-))


EZ-Flyer - 230MB #129.00
230MB cartridges #21.95
230MB cartridges (3) #19.95 each
EZ135 cartridges #14.95
EZ135 cartridges (3) #14.25 each
EZ135 cartridges (5) #13.95 each
SparQ - 1.0GB #179.00 ** new **
SyJet - 1.5GB #279.00
1.5GB cartridges #69.95

Note: The new SparQ drives are either IDE or Parallel interfaces. Obviously intended for PCs, but we will try to evaluate whether they can be used as a replacement for the Falcon IDE drive.

FIXED HARD DRIVES (Ultra-Wide, 5400rpm, 9.5ms)

2.16GB SCSI #149.00 !!!
3.2GB SCSI #199.00
4.3GB SCSI #249.00
6.5GB SCSI #339.00

Cased units for external use - please add #59.95


HP Colour Deskjets from #149.00
HP Laserjets, 600dpi from #309.00


Virtually any Laser drum/toner or Inkjet cartridge can be supplied - please call for more details - following are examples...

HP Laserjet 4P Toner #59.95
HP Laserjet 5l/6L Toner #49.95
HP Laserjet 6L 4MB memory #59.95
HP690C PhotoInk cartridge #25.95
HP Deskjet 820/850/870 Black cart. #21.95
HP Deskjet 820/850/870 Colour cart. #24.95
Epson Stylus 400/600 Black cart. #17.95
Epson Stylus 400/600/800 Tri-colour #18.95


For 3.5” disks, 35mm slide, Audio or Video cassette, etc.... from #12.49 per sheet. Speciality Laser or Inkjet paper - please call


33.6K External #69.00
56.6K External #99.00


Pan/Toshiba 16x #99.00
24 speed now only #129.00
External Case #59.95

so... a complete cased 16x SCSI CD for only #158.95!

SCSI CD-R (Recorders) for Atari or PC

Yamaha & Philips - no longer available. BUT - The new Yamaha CD-RW (2x2x6 and 2x4x6) are the same price, and fully compatible with CD-Recorder Pro for the Atari!!!

Dysan CD-R Media (unbranded) in jewel case #1.09
Dysan CD-R Media (branded) in jewel case #1.39
Dysan CD-R Media (unbranded) in jewel case #0.99 (50+)
Dysan CD-R Media (branded) in jewel case #1.29 (50+)

CD-RW (Re-Writable) for PC

Yamaha 2x2x6 SCSI Int. #349.00 - also for CD-R use on Atari
Yamaha 2x4x6 SCSI Int. #399.00 - also for CD-R use on Atari
Yamaha 2x4x6 SCSI Ext. #439.00 - also for CD-R use on Atari
Dysan 2x2x6 E-IDE #339.00 - PC only
CD-RW Disks from #9.95

ATARI SOFTWARE FOR CD-Recording CD Recorder Pro #199.00


To promote the re-introduction of DA’s Layout into the UK market, Titan Designs are offering a competitive upgrade policy for existing Calamus(R) users - v1.09 right up to SL95 versions. This offer is also open to any Pagestream(R) owner and existing Didot Professional, DA’s Vector, DA’s Vector Pro or DA’s Layout (pre v6.0) users.

PRICES (all incl. VAT)

Product                     Regular        Special
DA’s Layout Atari           #222.08        #109.00
DA’s Layout PRO Atari       #363.08        #219.00 
DA’s Layout EPS Atari **    #468.83        #299.00 
DA’s Layout PDB Atari       #711.85        #499.00

Competitive upgrading from Calamus v1.09/1.09n, please add #20 to the above prices. Offer closes 30th April 1998. ** EPS version now includes all the ’PRO’ modules at no extra cost.

A demo is freely downloadable from Digital Arts Publishing; http://www.compdirect.com/digital-arts/atari/

TITAN PC’s - powerful, inexpensive & reliable

Our high quality PC’s have come down in price yet again by #50.00! In addition we have upgraded the specification to include a 2.5GB hdd and the quality Suntek MIDI Tower case!

Check out our PC Product page.

TITAN STANDARD SYSTEM #449.00 !!! Now including the Cyrix 200 MX processor as the entry level system and includes;

Cyrix 233 MX processor add #49.00
AMD K6-PR233 processor add #79.00

TITAN Multimedia system add #320.00 !!!

As above with Dysan 24x CD-ROM, 20W Speakers, Soundblaster 16, quality Belinea 15“ monitor, Windows 95 pre-installed.


As STANDARD system, but with Pentium II 233MHz processor.
UPGRADE to PII 266MHz processor add #99.00
UPGRADE to PII 300MHz processor add #265.00
UPGRADE to PII 333MHz processor add #440.00

So, a complete Pentium II 233MHz MULTIMEDIA system costs only #998.00!

REMEMBER: Any of these systems can be tailored to meet your need. Items can be added, or removed, to suit the pocket.

UPGRADE OPTIONS These prices are only applicable when upgrading any of the above systems at the time of purchase.

ADD --- 3.2GB Ultra-DMA hdd #32.00
4.3GB Ultra-DMA hdd #48.00
5.1GB Ultra-DMA hdd #96.00
(6.4GB & 8.4GB also available)
16MB to 32MB #39.00
16MB to 48MB #59.00
Matrox Mystique, 4MB, 220MHz #69.00
Matrox Millenium, 4MB, 220MHz #129.00
Matrox Millenium, 8MB, 250MHz #179.00
Windows 95 pre-installed #79.00

Other Upgrade variations to the above. Call for details.


These prices are not upgrade and are for adding to existing equipment.


16-bit PCI Sound card #19.95
Soundblaster 16, from... #29.50
Soundblaster AWE 64 #63.50
Speakers - full range from #9.95
Video Matrox Mystique, 4MB, 220MHz #97.50
Matrox Millenium, 4MB, 220MHz #169.00
Matrox Millenium, 8MB, 250MHz # call

Hard Disk (3.5” Ultra-DMA E-IDE)

2.5GB #129.95
3.2GB #149.95
4.3GB #169.00
5.1GB #209.00
6.4GB #239.00
8.4GB #319.00


24x E-IDE CD-ROM #59.95 (down #20.00!)
Nakamichi 5-disk, 16x Autochanger #119.95
Teac 6-disk, 8x Autochanger #94.95

Virtually any other peripheral can be supplied. Please call for details.

Summary of previous press releases


Nemesis upgrade service

FDC Electronics (Anglesey) - Tel: 01407 730132
MJL Insights (Aylesbury, Bucks) - Tel: 01296 622400

New Nemesis prices - #69.95 (Registered APEX users #59.95)

Power Pack - #99.95



Prices, carriage & stuff

All prices quoted in this press release are in UK pounds sterling and are denoted by the ’hash’ (#) sign. Prices include VAT @ 17.5%, which applies to the UK and any other EC countries. When ordering from outside the EC please deduct 17.5%, i.e. #49.95 becomes #42.51, #79.95 becomes #68.04, etc., from all the prices.

Carriage is extra unless otherwise stated, so please call first for further advice. Please make all cheques payable to TITAN DESIGNS LTD.

Titan Designs/Black Scorpion Software
6 Witherford Way, Selly Oak, Birmingham B29 4AX. U.K.
Tel: +44 (0)121-693 6669
Fax: +44 (0)121-414 1630

Browse our Web site for details on any product: http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/TITANWEB/

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