Atari Times Readers Survey

Most of those who have filled in the survey so far own at least one Atari computer - a large proportion actually owned more than one. There also a number of Jaguar and Lynx owners out there.

It seems evident that most of our readers are also PC users who make use of both formats to achieve their goals. Atari emulation is also extremely common now.

The average number of AT issues read is 4 - although a very large proportion of the survey returns indicated that our readership is growing quite rapidly. Maybe even doubling each issue, however this is our internet based feedback - we have no way of knowing how many are obtained from other sources.

There is a lot of demand for more software and hardware reviews and hopefully we’ll be able to fulfil this demand in future issues. There was also a number of request for reviews of new software and less of the older stuff.

Programming was also popular and well over half of the responses were from people who have done some programming or are actively involved with developing new Atari software. A number of people asked for some programming material.

One of the most popular things in the Atari Times was the 1997 Atari Times Awards - it looks like they may be a permanent feature!

In all the results obtained so far show that AT is fitting quite nicely with the Atari scene - as both a serious publication and an interesting read. Over the next couple of issues we intend to act on your comments and we hope to improve AT further!

About the Survey

Seeing as the AT Survey has now been going on for quite a long time, we thought it was about time we let you know what has been said, and what we are doing to improve things...

Firstly, I’ll just tell you a little about the survey.

The Atari Times Readers Survey has been on our web page for around a year. A lot of you have already filled it in and let us know what you think - others have just let us know that they are downloading their first issue. We’re very pleased with most of the feedback we’ve been getting...

The AT Readers survey is on-going so it’s not too late to have your say. All you have to do is fill in the form on the AT Homepage (http://www.users.zetnet.co.uk/polonowski/). Alternatively, just answer the questions at the end of this page and either post or email them to our usual addresses.

Survey Questions


Dear Colin,
Just a quick note to tell you how much I enjoyed Atari Times 13 and to ask for some back issues, if that’s at all possible. (We’re not on the ’phone here, let alone the Net, so you can understand the difficulties...) I’ve enclosed four discs (plus an address label and stamps) and I’d be very grateful if you could copy Atari Times 10, 11 & 12 - along with any issue after 13 - so that I can follow the HTML tutorial from the beginning.

I liked AT a lot, and particularly its easy-to-use and logical design. I read it in mono from CAB v1.5 and it struck me that AT has a good balance between straightforward text, and enough graphics, such as lines and logos, to make it interesting but without slowing down the loading and formatting overmuch. The news and reviews were interesting - if brief - and the only real criticism I can make is that I came to the end of it far too quickly: I wanted more!

I’ve been learning the basics of HTML recently, so your tutorial was especially appreciated, and the other highspots (for me at least) were Maurits van de Kamps’ Autumn Atari Show report and Stephen Ticehurst’s Coming Home article. They were both well-written and well worth reading, and Maurit’s piece came from an intriguingly different angle... Stephen’s column brought a smile to my face because I remember him well from the STEN disczine I used to co-edited. It’s good to hear from him again!

Talking of disczines, I’m involved in the KelAUG (Kelstar Atari Users’ Group) discmag these days, and I’ve copied the last three issues of it onto the discs for your delectation (and possible review in a future AT?). KelAUG is a PD disczine that appears every two months, and the latest issue (No:8) came out at the beginning of April. KelAUG seems to be the only ST-oriented disczine around nowadays, and it’s got an interesting mix of ST material and humour that’s well worth checking out.

I’d like to review Atari Times in KelAUG 9 (due out at the beginning of June) and I was wondering if there’s been a later issue of it? (It’ll be in good company, as we’ll also be reviewing Maggie 25, Undercover 11 and Mega 1.)

Would you be interested in the occasional review for AT? Recent French PD graphics programmes (Parx M&E Modules, etc), or something more general?

I think that’s it now - that’s everything covered - and the only thing left to ask is would it be possible to run an advert for KelAUG in future Atari Times? And, if it is, then what kind of look/format would you prefer? Do you limit the graphics in ads, to keep them under a certain size, or are they open-ended? I’ve had a look at the code for the smaller ads, such as the Portfolio Users’ Group, and I think I can design (I hope) something along similar lines.

OK, that really is it now! All the best, thanks for Atari Times 13, and I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the HTML series.

John Weller

Getting the Atari Times...

Q I’ve enjoyed reading the latest issue of the Atari Times which I downloaded from the Atari Times internet page. Where can I get earlier issues?


A The latest three issues of AT are always available from the AT Homepage as you know. As for earlier issues, Floppyshop in the UK have them so if you want to order from them then that’s fine.

I am looking for distributors in other countries so if you’d like to get involved then please get in touch.

Finally, we can supply every issue of the Atari Times - just send a padded envelope and enough stamps and disks to cover the issues you want to the usual address. If you live outside of the UK however this may still be difficult.

Colin Polonowski

Let’s Twist Again!

Q I’m looking for ANY manual in ANY form for TWIST database (version 2 or 3) or short command description with syntax and examples(if possible)!! Also, any information about TWIST is more than welcome!

With best regards, Drazen Glojnaric, via AT Help Center On-line

A Shouldn’t you have the Twist manual if you bought the program?

Your best bet is to contact HiSoft - the UK distributor of Twist - or if you know of any closer to you try them. Hisoft can be found at:


They should be able to supply you with the manual - they may ask you to return your master disk and may also charge something for it.

I’m not aware of any third party Twist manuals or related web pages. If any of our readers know better then contact us at the usual address and we’ll put it in next issue...

Colin Polonowski

STiK at it

Q I have STiK installed and it reports being installed but I can not access the STiK menu from Desk on my TOS 1.0 1040ST. Will it not run on a 1.0 at all?

Farrell Kenimer, via AT Help Center On-line

A Sounds to me as if you haven’t got the STiK Desk Accessory installed.

You should have a file called STIK.ACC (or something similar) in the root directory of your boot drive. This is aswell as the STIKTSR.PRG in your AUTO folder...

I’ll ask someone more qualified in STiK to pop in and answer your question in more detail if I can find someone :)

Colin Polonowski

A What version of Stik are you running? if = 1.12, then:

  1. You should have a program called STIKTSR.PRG in your AUTO folder, remove or rename all other AUTO folder progs.

  2. You should have a STIK.ACC or .APP file, if it’s .APP rename to .ACC and put it into the root directory on drive c: along with stik.rsc, remove or rename all other .ACC files.

  3. Reboot.

If you still have this problem, email me and we’ll look into it further. AFAIK, stik should work with 1.0

David Henderson

Q The STIK.ACC is in the root directory of my boot floppy and I get a report that STIK is Installed. STIK.PRG is in the auto folder of the same disk. Thanks for your reply. Where might I find STinG to try it out in lieu of STiK?

Farrell Kenimer, via AT Help Center On-line

A Try:


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