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KelAUG Diskzine is the written with members of the KelAUG Atari User Group in mind, however, it is still of interest to most Atari users.

The magazine is aimed at ST users as opposed to the Falcon, TT and clone users, and offers the same sort of style articles as other ’scene’ disk magazines such as Maggie and the old ST+ Diskzine.


Along with the ST related articles, there are also PC and Playstation sections consisting mainly of reviews of the latest releases on these platforms.

The interface appears programmed in STOS, and articles are displayed in version 2.2 of The Sandmans Document Displayer. Apart from the main menu, there are no real graphics.

There are plenty of articles in each issue, each one is interesting and although sometimes the spelling/grammar is slightly off it isn’t really noticable.

As with most disk magazines, the content is made up of reviews, news and other features. Although the magazine doesn’t really have an on-line presence, there are still a couple of internet related bits which are ideally suited for beginners.


Over the three issues I have, there appears to have been a gradual improvement in terms of the quality of what is included and this is promissing. The latest issue also has articles on PC Atari emulators so they are pretty up to date!

I tested KelAUG Diskzine on both the STe and Falcon, and also on PaCifiST. There weren’t any compatibility problems, although moving the mouse on the main menu in PaCifiST resulted in the magazine exiting - and then subsequently the emulator would hang displaying two bombs.

As I’ve said in previous reviews of this style of disk magazine, I’m not usually a fan. However, the content in KelAUG was interesting, varied and current, and there was also plenty of it.

center If you’re an ST owner who feels as though you’re getting a bit of a poor deal these days, then check out KelAUG. Overall, I feel that this is a worthwhile addition to the crowded disk magazine world...


KelAUG Diskzine (Issues 6-8)
Minimum System
All Atari’s, 512K memory, Colour Display
Contact Details
John Weller, Flat 1, 28 Victoria Rd, Bournemouth, BH1 4RR

Colin Polonowski
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