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Floppyshop are pleased to announce the release of two exciting new releases from Atari music developers Electronic Cow. The first, Scribble Synth, comes about as a result of the popularity of Snippit Synth, their granular synthesiser, and is a further adaptation on that theme. The sounds produced are entirely different from Snippit but should appeal to those who are already enjoying that release.

EC-909 is a major breakthrough on the Atari, giving us a professional quality analogue based drum machine in software (probably the only music product with which PC and Mac owners had a definite advantage over us).

It comes complete with 16 samples from the legendary TR-909 and compares favourably with similar software on the Mac and PC costs upwards of 100 pounds!

Here’s some more information on both products.

Scribble Synth by Electronic Cow

Program Type: Software Based Sample Sequencer
System: ST(FM), STE, Falcon and TT.
Memory Required: 1 Mb
Display Type: Mono monitor on an ST. Any display type on TT or Falcon.
Price: 16 pounds
Postage: UK 2pounds, Europe (including Eire) 3 pounds, ROW 4 pounds


Scribble Synth is another software based sound synthesizer, in the same vein as Electronic Cow’s previous release Snippit Synth. However, the synthesis model used in Scribble Synth is completely different: it’s a true additive synthesizer, but with a difference! You actually draw in frequency envelopes with the mouse!

How it works:

These mouse ’scribbles’ (of which there can be up to five per sound) are transformed into 2D frequency spectrum plots by the software automatically. Both low and high frequency bandwidths can be defined, and up to twenty bands can be comprised in one ’scribble’. These plots are then placed in the time domain and Scribble Synth interpolates individual envelope shapes for each frequency band!

The results are quite amazing! Strange sci-fi warbles, time-based pitch and filtering effects, plus frequency modulated sounds are all possible with Scribble Synth, as well as some REALLY deep bass sounds! Sounds can then be exported to tracker programs, direct-to-disk sequencers/recorders, and sample editors in either AIFF, AVR or SPL formats. Both eight and 16-bit formats are supported and ANY frequency between 8 and 50KHz! Scribble Synth will also allow you to dump the sounds via MIDI to an MSDS-comaptible sampler, or the Akai S900/950...

Scribble Synth’s main features include:

Scribble Synth requires at least one megabyte of memory and a 640 x 400 display to run. Because of hardware limitations, no audio playback is available on the STFM, but you can still generate samples!

EC-909 by Electronic Cow

Program Type:- Software Based Analogue Drum Machine
System: STE, Falcon and TT.
Memory Required: 1 Mb (STE), 4 Mb Falcon
Display Type: Mono monitor on an ST. Any display type on TT or Falcon.
Price: 25 pounds
Postage: UK 2 pounds, Europe (including Eire) 3 pounds, ROW 4 pounds


Tired of the ridiculous prices for second-hand analogue drum machines? Wish you had Re-Birth on the Atari?

EC-909 is an analogue drum machine emulator for the Atari STE/TT or Falcon. It features sixteen original TR-909 sounds (including bass, snare, toms, rim, clap, and cymbals), with various controls (pitch tuning, volume attenuation, and attack shape) and an interface everyone will have seen somewhere before!

EC-909 can create single bar patterns (in real-time on the Falcon), and then export them into your direct-to-disk recorder or sample editor as AIFF or AVR format samples. Both 8 and 16-bit formats are supported, as well as mono or stereo options. The program will also allow you to export the pattern as a standard MIDI file for loading into your MIDI sequencer. Other features include: MIDI triggering, tempo and bar length controls, and Undo!

EC-909’s main features include:

There are two versions of EC-909; one for the STE and TT, and one for the Falcon. EC-909 requires at least one megabyte of memory (4 Mbytes on the Falcon) and a 640 x 400 display. EC-909 won’t run on the STFM because of the lack of digital audio hardware

Further information:

Snail Mail: Floppyshop, PO Box 273, Aberdeen, Scotland, U.K. AB15 8GJ
Email: sdelaney@zetnet.co.uk
WWW: http://www.users.zetnet.co.uk/sdelaney/floppyshop/
Credit Card Orderline (Phone & Fax): 01224 312756 Intl. +44 1224 312756
Technical Support:- Tel: 0411 544133
Intl. +44 411 544133
Email: electronic_cow@dial.pipex.com
WWW: http://dspace.dial.pipex.com/electronic_cow/cownet.shtm

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