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Floppyshop are pleased to announce the recent acquisition of worldwide production and distribution rights to zzSoft’s Easy Text Professional and Easy Text Pro Vector Desktop Publishing packages. Both packages will continue to be priced at 19.95 + P&P (which will remain free for UK customers), which is less than you would expect to pay for a decent word processor, never mind a fully fledged DTP package.

More importantly, our deal with zzSoft means we are now in a position to offer low cost upgrades from Easy Text Professional to Easy Text Pro Vector and competitive upgrades from any other Atari DTP package. Yes, you can upgrade from ANY package to Easy Text Pro Vector at a discounted rate! Here’s a little information about the programs.

Easy Text Professional

Easy Text Professional is an ideal entry level DTP package as it can be run on a floppy based system (but is of course hard drive installable) and requires only 1 Mb of RAM. It is a GDOS based package and comes with an installer program which completely automates the GDOS setup. A selection of fonts are supplied with the package. Easy Text Professional includes a 130+ page fully illustrated printed manual.

Easy Text Pro Vector

Easy Text Pro Vector is for those of you with more system resources to spare. It requires at least 2 Mb of RAM and a hard drive is strongly recommended. You can work without a hard drive but you’ll need to set up a RAM disk and have over 2 Mb of free RAM, so a 4Mb machine is essential if you don’t own a hard drive. You will also require SpeedoGDOS v4.xx or v5.xx or you can use NVDI v3.xx or v4.xx as an alternative. Easy Text Pro Vector is functionally identical to its "little brother" with the main exception being that it uses vector fonts to give a much more professional output. In fact the output quality can easily match that of Calamus or Papyrus.

Upgrading From Easy Text Professional

If you have upgraded your system’s RAM and purchased a hard drive since buying Easy Text Professional, you may wish to upgrade to Easy Text Pro Vector to take advantage of modern vector font technology. In this case, you must return your three master disks along with the appropriate upgrade fee. Do not return your manual, it is not required. If you do not already own SpeedoGDOS or NVDI, we can offer a bundled deal with SpeedoGDOS v5.7 (see below).

Competitive Upgrade to Easy Text Professional or Pro Vector

Simply send us some sort of proof of ownership of any commmercial DTP package (demo versions and cover disk versions excluded). The only exception to the "commercial" requirement is the Atari World release of Timeworks DTP. Acceptable proof of purchase is a sales receipt, a master disk or a photocopy of the front page of your manual. We don’t want the whole package or even the whole manual (don’t waste postage sending heavy items!), just something that proves you own a legitimate copy of a competing product. If you send in a master disk as proof of purchase, it will be returned to you with your order.

SpeedoGDOS Bundling Deal

If you are thinking of purchasing Easy Text Pro Vector and do not currently own SpeedoGDOS or NVDI (v3 or later), we can include a copy of SpeedoGDOS v5.7 at the special price of just 20 pounds (49.95 pounds when purchased separately) in addition to the cost of Easy Text Pro Vector. This offer also applies when upgrading (from any product) to Easy Text Pro Vector. Please note this price is only available if SpeedoGDOS is purchased at the same time as Easy Text Pro Vector.


Easy Text Professional 19.95 pounds + P&P (UK Free, Europe 3 pounds, ROW 5 pounds)

Easy Text Pro Vector 19.95 pounds + P&P (UK Free, Europe 3 pounds, ROW 5 pounds)

Upgrade from Pro to Pro Vector 6.50 pounds + P&P (UK 1 pound, Europe 2 pounds, ROW 3 pounds)

Competitive Upgrade to either package 14.00 pounds + P&P (UK 1 pound, Europe 3 pounds, ROW 5 pounds)

Easy Text Pro Vector bundled with SpeedoGDOS 39.95 + P&P (UK 2 pounds, Europe 3 pounds, ROW 5 pounds)

Easy Text Pro to Pro Vector upgrade with SpeedoGDOS 26.50 pounds + P&P (UK 1 pound, Europe 3.00, ROW 5.00)

Competitive upgrade to Easy Text Pro Vector with SpeedoGDOS 32.50 + P&P (UK 2 pounds, Europe 3 pounds, ROW 5 pounds)

Further information:

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