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After what seems like an eternity, we are proud to announce the release of our long awaited game - Mole Mayhem.

The game is essentially an old-fashioned platform game in the style of Bubble Bobble, Manic Miner and Bomb Jack. The aim being to clear each of the eighteen levels of bombs and then escaping to the exit.

Mole Mayhem is 1Mbyte STE/Falcon only. Unfortunately due to unexpected difficulties, the game is not PaCifiST compatible as planned.

The game features FOUR brand new MOD soundtracks, smooth funny animation and graphics, high quality samples throughout and stacks of gameplay.

Mole Mayhem can be downloaded from the Atari Times Homepage, or it should shortly be available from Floppyshop PDL: Floppyshop, PO Box 273, Aberdeen, AB15 8GJ, Scotland, UK

Mole Mayhem is shareware, with a recommended registration fee of 」5. The version being distributed is the full program and is not limited in any way.

In North America Mole Mayhem is available from the Computer Dungeon for $10. Al Horton at the Dungeon has created a manual and labeled disks. You can contact the Computer Dungeon at:

Snailmail: The Computer Dungeon, 1440 Spencer Ave, Berkeley, IL, 60163


The Zone

To mark it’s first birthday, we’ve decided to relaunch the Croft Soft Internet Publications web pages under a new name - ’The Zone’.

The content is the same as before, but the main index has a whole new look.

The Zone consists of the following pages - Atari Times Homepage, Colin’s Homepage, Review and The Unexplained.

Each one is separate from the others, but all of them are of a high quality both in terms of content and presentation.

Atari Times Homepage is the online home of the successful Atari HTML disk magazine. It carries the latest news, a selection of articles from AT, a list of the best Atari pages and information on Croft Soft Software and our products...

Colin’s Homepage is the personal homepage of Colin Polonowski - founder of Croft Soft Software and webmaster of The Zone!

Review is the newest addition. Over the coming months it will carry reviews of the latest entertainment products in the UK. It is growing rapidly and hopefully will continue to do so...

The Unexplained is a page dedicated to the Paranormal including things like UFO’s, Ghosts, Lost Lands and People.

The Zone can be found at:

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