Floppyshop Press Release - 14 October 1997

PRESS RELEASE Dated: 14th October 1997

Floppyshop are pleased to announce a "Trans-Atlantic cooperation" with Suzy B Software, America’s leading supplier of Public Domain and Shareware software. The result of this will be three CD-ROM compilations of the best Public Domain, Shareware and Freeware software ever produced for Atari computers, now being made available in the UK and across Europe.

The first two titles are already completed and will be released at the Atari Shows in Birmingham and London on 18th/19th October 1997. The third title is as yet unnamed and will be available around the end of this year. All three CDs have been compiled by Michael Burkley, proprietor of Suzy B Software, probably best known as "The Unabashed Atariophile" of Z*Net, ST Report and Atari Explorer On-Line.

When Floppyshop announced their first CD-ROM title, DTP+Graphics, they did not realise how large a task they were undertaking. Two more Floppyshop "branded" titles are still in the pipeline but the sheer amount of time needed to create a quality (rather than shovel-ware) production has meant these will not now appear until after Christmas.

Like Floppyshop, Suzy B Software take pride in their work, cataloguing ever= y program on the CD. What’s more "The Unabashed Atariophile" knows what he’s talking about, unlike most CD compilers. Michael Burkley lives and breathes Atari, and his attention to detail rivals only our own! When selling a Suzy B CD-ROM we can be assured our customers are getting a good deal. That’s why we were so keen to work with Suzy B’s.

Floppyshop will handle the manufacture, packaging and distribution of these titles within the UK, ensuring their usual fast and efficient service on all orders. Suzy B Software will do likewise for North America. Distributors are likely to be announced for other European countries in due course. In the meantime, either title may be ordered directly from Suzy B’s or Floppyshop for immediate despatch worldwide.

The first two releases are detailed below. A further press release will give information on the third release nearer the time.

Suzy B’s Atari Software Treasury #1

When it was originally released, this double CD set was hailed as the best compilation of English language Atari software to date. The downside was the price tag at over 50 pounds. This re-release of that popular CD includes the complete contents of the original 2 disc set archived to fit onto a single CD at the much lower price of 25£ plus P (UK 2£, Europe 3£, ROW 4£). Much of the software on this CD is American in origin and has never made its way onto the Internet, BBSs or PDLs. Categories include Games, Utilities, Children’s Programs, Falcon software, Databases, Comms software, Screen Savers, Picture Manipulation Tools, Financial Software, MiNT Utilities, Midi Files and much more besides, with each program catalogued on the disc. An Aladin’s Cave of Atari software at an affordable price. No Atari CD-ROM owner can afford to be without it!

Suzy B’s Software Treasury #2

With 9 years’ service to the Atari community, Suzy B Software know more about PD and Shareware than most. This followup CD-ROM contains almost 1 Gigabyte (when uncompressed) of the very latest Atari software. The CD contains everything which could not be squeezed onto the first compilation as well as all the new software they have collected in the past three years. As with their first CD, much of the software is of American origin and has not received widespread distribution outside of the States. An absolute gold mine of top quality Atari software, this CD has the contents of over 1400 floppies! Available now from Floppyshop for just 25£ plus P (UK 2£, Europe 3£, ROW 4£).

Payment should be by way of cheque or PO made payable to Floppyshop. Credit card (Access, Visa, Mastercard, Eurocard) are also welcome. Overseas customers not paying by credit card should ensure payment is in UK funds and make payment by International Money Order, cheque drawn on a UK bank, Eurocheque, Post Giro or Canadian Postal Order. Send/Phone orders to:-

PO Box 273,
Scotland, U.K.
AB15 8GJ
Tel/Fax: 01224 312756 (Intl +44 1224 312756)

For further information on these new Atari CDs, contact:-

Steve Delaney at the above address
Email: sdelaney[-At-]zetnet.co.uk


Michael Burkley at
Suzy B’s Software
3712 Military Road
Niagara Falls, NY 14305
Tel: 716 2981986 (Intl +1 716 298 1986)

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