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Who are we?

We program software (mostly games) on the Atari TOS based range of computers ie. the ST, TT and Falcon. On this page you'll find a list of all of our current releases!

We are:

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Our Releases

Public Domain/Freeware

STOSMAT Professional - A disk formatter for STOS Basic
CSPass - A comprehensive password suite
Aerial Combat ST (incl. Source Code) - Part one of the Aerial Kombat Trilogy!


Aerial Kombat: Special Edition - Aerial Kombat II + Data Disks 1&2
Star Voyage - STE Only intergalactic space Shoot 'em up
Aerial Kombat III - STE Version of our excellent two player Shoot 'em up
Aerial Kombat III - STFM Version of the above game!


Trader - Swashbuckling sea trading/adventure game (£3.00)
Trader 2 - Follow up to the hugely successful Trader (£3.00)

Disk Magazines

Atari Related

Non Atari

Trek Talk (Science Fiction, Issue 1, May 1996)
Trek Talk (Science Fiction, Issue 2, June 1996)

Planned Releases

New Releases

Mole Mayhem - Shareware, Christmas 1996
Moley Christmas - Freeware, Christmas 1996
Software House ST - Licenceware, Unknown
Maggots - Licenceware/Commercial, Unknown
Star Voyage 2 - Licenceware/Commercial, Unknown


Trader 2.5

All of the software can be order directly from Croft Soft Software. For PD, Freeware or Shareware, send a disk for each program (2 for Star Voyage) along with a SAE (padded preferably).

For Licenceware, the prices are printed alongside. Please add 50p for postage and packaging.

Licenceware releases are also available from LAPD

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