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Goodmans new e-mail address

Mike Goodman of Goodman's International recently announced that he now has a new e-mail address. All mail should now be sent to:

His old address will be valid until the end of May.

Protext's new distributor

Protext Software has announced that the all sales of Protext wordprocessor are now being handled by:

10 McIntosh Court
G31 2HW
Phone/Fax 0141-554 4735

More Atari shows!

Following on from the success of the Goodmans Atari shows in London, Birmingham and Glasgow in April and May, it has now been announced that there will almost certainly be more in October.

It's good to see that the Atari market can generate enough support for people like Mike Goodman to put time and money into organising something as big as these shows.

Elysium - a new web page


Just as we thought Jon Nott's Fujizone couldn't be beaten along comes this new contender by Ashley Seabrook.

Elysium must contain the largest number of links on any Atari web page. Also, unlike many pages, he actually catalogued them and presented them in a very easy to understand way. There are a number of other Atari related areas and everyone is well designed, well written and interesting.

Point your browser at


Other news from the internet...

Croft Soft Internet Publications -

The CSIP pages consist of Croft Soft on the 'Net, The Atari Times (Homepage and on-line version), The Unexplained, Colin's Homepage and Nibley & Iron Acton.

Three new guestbooks have been added to Croft Soft on the 'Net, The Unexplained and Colin' Homepage to enable easier feedback.

Wessex Atari Group -

Roy Goring, webmaster of the WAG on the Web pages has also added a guestbook to encourage feedback. The links page has been revamped with graphical links to best Atari sites around.

Roy also runs the new Atari webring.

For more information on WAG or the Atari Webring, take a look at these pages or send an email to Roy at

Fujizone -

Jon Nott's Fujizone site has been updated. It now features an improved interface and layout. The graphics have also been jazzed up!


If you have internet access, why not try out Internet Relay Chat (IRC). This enables you to talk to people around the globe in real-time for the cost of a local phone call.

Atari users have the benefit of two channels, the main one being #atari. Here you'll get to chat with some of the famous faces in the Atari world. Just remember that most of the talk isn't actually Atari related!

The other channel - #zatari - is purely for Zetnet-Atarians. Meetings are sometimes held on this channel to enable Atari users connected to the net via Zetnet to ask other Zetnet-Atarians questions.

To get involved with IRC, you need to get hold of a suitable IRC program - such as AtarIRC or FracIRC.

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