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Well, it's been a while since our first review of AtariPhile back in issue 3, and it has come a very long way!

Even back then it was easily up there with the best of the Atari Disk Magazines, but now it must be said that it is arguably the best currently available.

The editorial team of Kev Beardsworth, Colin Fisher-McAllum and Domhnall Dods have obviously worked very hard to put this together and the number of articles included is very impressive. Each article is specifically written for the magazine and every one of them is of an excellent standard.

So, whats new this issue? The first thing I noticed is the new interface. AtariPhile 5 has been coded to make good use of the new 'Frames' features of most modern browsers - it is well laid out although it does appear that it has been designed for a higher resolution than what I'm currently using (800x600) - the logo in the top left doesn't appear to be centered correctly.

They haven't forgotten users of versions of CAB lower than 2.0 though, and have added a small piece of code which will enable older non-Frame browsers to carry on...

Some of the articles in this issue include a new series on Archivers by Kev, a 'RetroReview' of Papyrus, the second of Robert Coares Frontier guides and a HTML tutorial by Mark Wherry. This isn't all and they've got reviews of, among other things, the Bird of Prey Falcon CD-ROM, PhotoScan - Floppyshops new service, Nemesis and MagiC 5.

There is obviously far too much to read in one session and even so, you'll not loose interest - in fact, you'll probably read it at least twice...

All in all, AtariPhile is most certainly the king of Atari disk mags and it looks as if it's going to stay that way for a very long time to come!

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Platforms:All Computers with HTML Browser
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RG28 7LG
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Colin Polonowski
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