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All prices mentioned below include VAT, and are quoted in UK pounds sterling (denoted by the '£' sign).

As you will see from the following press release, many new things have been happening at Titan Designs and Black Scorpion Software over the last two months...

Website Downloads

Our Titan/BSS homepage is currently being redesigned for easier navigation between the Titan, BSS and Gribnif pages. This has resulted in a totally new look when you first access the site - we hope you like it! Navigation from the homepage is primarily by icons only, so if this does cause a problem please let us know.

Now you can download any of Titan Designs' or Black Scorpion's files directly from our Website. These include new updates to existing software, sample images, demos and the entire range of free software; FalCAM Tripod, MC68040 Toolkit, Nemesis, APEX Viewers, etc.

It is intended that all the Gribnif demos and upgrade patches will be included in the near future, either directly from our pages of via links to the official Gribnif site.

In addition you can also access files directly from the Black Scorpion sites;

Douglas Little for APEX Media, APEX Alpha, MC68040 Toolkit (for Afterburner040), Bad Mood and POV Ray 3

David Murphy for APEX Audio, Videlity, ACCfolder (ACCessory re-router)


The incredible Thought! Ideas Processor v2.2 is now only £49.95!

We have always said that Thought! is the ultimate development and productivity tool for anyone who develops anything on an Atari - and we still stand by this statement!

An incredibly powerful tool, Thought! can assist with the development of ideas in a graphical format, that can easily be changed and edited. Thought! is so advanced that even PC productivity programs do not even come close to the power offered by Thought!

Thought! is not just for programmers. Anyone, from musicians to writers, can really see a difference in the way their productivity will increase. Even if you don't use the Atari for development purposes, you can still use it as a database, address book, diary - in fact anything that requires forward planning.

Thought! is so flexible and diverse it can even be used as a replacement Desktop!

Thought! is compatible with all Atari 68K computers having a minimum of 1MB of memory. A hard disk is preferred, but not essential.

Price £49.95 (UK and EC)
Price £42.51 (non-EC countries)
Delivery (UK) - please add £2.50
Delivery (Europe) - please add £7.50
Delivery (Overseas) - please add £10.00

Afterburner 040

The fabulous MC68040 Toolkit for the Afterburner040 has now been upgraded to v4.09. This, and many other interesting items about this exceptional accelerator, can be downloaded

directly from Doug Little's Website (see above).

APEX Alpha

Although we decided at an early stage to adopt a modular approach for the design of APEX Alpha, this has far-reaching implications - not least the fact that future expandibility will simply be a matter of placing new modules into the correct folder.

Firstly; peripheral support can be added as and when required. Support should include scanners, printers and pressure sensitive touch tablets.

Secondly; as new tools and features are developed they can be purchased separately as upgrade option packs. These will most likely include 'special effects' tools and filters.

Using modular integration will therefore allow APEX Alpha to be offered as a 'base' model containing all the necessary tools for high-speed image processing, and future expandibility is then assured with peripheral and special effects.

APEX Viewers

The essential APEX Viewers are currently being updated to be fully compatible with Videlity and Nemesis high-resolutions. These will be made available shortly.


AGATe (Anonymous GIF Animation Tool) is a new utility we stumbled across recently!

This is a great Public Domain tool for the Falcon, that allows Flic animations (such as those from APEX Media) to be transformed into Animated GIF's - making it ideal for the creation of animations in Websites! Background transparency can be automatically detected and oversize Flics can be cropped to remove any extraneous background. Interlacing and various other GIF options are also fully supported.


The only true Falcon debugger has now been upgraded for full compatibility with MagiC, Afterburner040 and Videlity. Can now also be used as a direct replacement for MON. Many other improvements have also been made.

The upgrade price is just £5.00 to also cover postage and packing within the UK. Please add a further £5 for shipping to the EC or overseas.

C-LAB MK.X Cases

Titan Designs are now shipping the superbly engineered C-Lab MK.X cases complete with a separate Atari keyboard at no extra cost (either Mega ST or TT-style). Price is still £199.00, with a £15.00 carriage charge. The fitting service has also been revised to include the full audio line input attenuation. Please call for prices.


All beta-test problems have now been resolved and Videlity is in the process of being shipped. Videlity now includes full compatibility with Screenblaster 1 & 2, and BlowUp Hard 1 & 2 to provide even higher resolutions.


Titan can now supply Toshiba 12-speed (!) SCSI CD-ROM's for only £199.00, or built into the superior Pearl Series case for an additional £50.00. - SCSI HARD DRIVES
We have a limited number of Seagate 420MB hard disk drives remaining. These are mounted into a Pearl Series case, and include a 50-way Centronics terminator - all for only £169!!!
The Peral Series cases are purpose built, extremely compact units, which incorporate PSU, SCSI ID switch, 2 x 50-way Centronic sockets and a small, quiet (very quiet!) fan with removable dust filter.
For ST owners, if required, we can supply the Translator for an additional £59.95. - MONITORS
15" and 17" monitors (ideal for use with Videlity!) are also becoming cheaper. A base 15" model now only costs £249.00 and a 17" model £449.00. Various other makes and models are available, including Panasonic, Hitachi, CTX, etc. - MODEMS
33.6K modems are now down to £119.95! We also have some 28.8K models which are reduced to £89.95, but these are on a first-come-first-served basis. Both models are fully BABT and CE approved. - MEMORY
Although RAM prices are starting to rise again, we can still offer the Falcon 14MB memory

upgrade at £129.95 for the time being. If the price of SIMMs do rise significantly, then we will have no option but to raise our prices.


At the Birmingham, London & Glasgow shows (26/27 April and 11 May respectively) we will have 14MB memory upgrades to sell and will be demonstrating APEX Alpha, APEX Audio, Nemesis, Videlity and the Gribnif range of software.

If you wish to purchase something specific from us during the show, please inform us beforehand to ensure that we do have the stock available.

Nemesis Upgrading

While we are not able to perform Nemesis upgrades during the show, we can take a limited number of Falcons back with us to be shipped during the following week. Please note that we do require the machines to be pre-packed in a carton suitable for transit, and cannot accept any responsibility for damage due to inadequate packaging.

An eye to the future

Titan and BSS are working on new software and hardware projects that will expand the Falcon towards becoming a high-performance workstation - we're already part of the way there with Afterburner, Expose', Nemesis, Videlity, APEX Alpha, etc., but there's still plenty left!

Although we are not quite ready to release information on our future plans, you can be assured that the intended products will be high-performance, inexpensive and very desirable!

To find out more about what's available from Titan Designs or Black Scorpion Software, please contact;

e-mail: 100345.2350@compuserve.com
or browse our Web site on...

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