Third Dimension

Tony Greenwood has a look at a disk magazine for 3D Construction Kit users...

The third Dimension is a diskmagazine aimed at 3d kit users, it is released monthly and amazingly is currently at issue 19. There is no text file reader on disk because the mag is not only aimed at Atari, but also the Amiga and PC community, it seems that a lot of 3dkit files will port between the three platforms. On disk you will always find folders of source code and samples and lots of files thats are of course only useful for the 3d users :)

There are tutorials in ascii format, including an introduction to C in earlier issues, Third dimension boasts a worldwide readership and rave reviews from Atari, Amiga and PC magazines all giving the diskzine an excellent score.

Offers of help to 3d kit users include telephone lines manned at certain hours of the day, a 3d library of programs you can order and a prize winning video that will set you up on the road to 3d programming, all versions of the 3d kit are supported.

Like all good diskzines, Third Dimension is Public Domain and can be found in any decent pd library

If you so much as think about programming anything in 3d then you need this diskmagazine NOW!

Program: Third Dimension   Author: Tony Hartley

Tony Greenwood
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