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New Croft Soft Game


Work has started on a new game due for release next month, Moley Christmas. It is still in the early stages of development but work is progressing quickly.

The game is based on an old ZX Spectrum game, Christmas Eve, written by Croft Soft Software in 1987.

The game will be compatible with the STE and Falcon and will require at least 1 MByte of memory to run.

Development on Mole Mayhem continues and the game should be available very soon.

Telegames to release four new Jaguar games

The future of the Jaguar is beginning to look bright. Telegames has snatched up the rights to a number of games which were beginning to look as if they would never see the light of day.


First up is Worms, the blockbuster game which was released earlier this year on most other platforms. Graphically it has a similar look to Lemmings but the gameplay is much more engrossing. Up to four players can take part giving the game a lot more depth.


Next, we have Towers 2. Previously released on the Falcon, Towers 2 is the first real RPG on the Jag. It takes the first person perspective of Doom but adds a very good adventure element to it.

Continuing the Jaguars tradition of release revamped versions of old arcade hits, Breakout 2000 offers a much improved version of one of the most successful concepts of all time.


Finally, Zero-5 the hit game on the STE and Falcon is going to see its release on the Jag very shortly. The game has been improved in all departments and looks as if it could be the biggest space combat game ever.

It has all the features of the computer versions as well as a number of things which are only possible on the Jag.

All these games are due for release either this year or very early next year and we will bring you reviews of them in the Atari Times when they are available.

Floppyshop launch new service

Floppyshop have recently launched a new service for their customers. For a small fee they will transfer any photographs you have onto disk.

Here's their press release:

Floppyshop are pleased to announce PhotoScan, a low cost photographic digitising service for those of you who do not have CD-ROM drives and are therefore unable to make use of Kodak's PhotoCD technology. PhotoScan was originally intended solely as a service to Positive Image users who did not have scanning facilities. However, we recognised that Atari owners have a need for this type of service in other areas including Desktop Publishing, and of course everyone wants to make up slideshows featuring their favourite holiday snaps.

All you have to do is send us your snaps (along with the appropriate fee) and we'll put copies of them onto floppy disks in both 256 colour and True Colour formats. Be warned, a full size 6"x4" print saved as a 256 colour image requires 528K of free RAM to reload and a True Colour JPEG of the same image will require 1.55 Mb of RAM when decompressed. For this reason, you will need at least 1 Mb of RAM in order to use the 256 colour image and at least 2 Mb for the True Colour one. In most cases, the 256 colour images are almost indistinguishable from their True Colour counterparts, use them and save memory. All scans are created using professional scanning equipment and calibrated using Kodak's proprietary high precision colour match software.

ST owners should not be put off by the mention of 256 colour images. GIF images can be viewed on an ordinary ST/STe in full colour using either Speed Of Light or PhotoChrome, two Shareware packages available from Floppyshop. In addition, the images can be easily converted (including resizing and colour reduction if necessary) to any other format you require using such packages as GEM-View, Look 'N' See, Bitmap View and a host of other Shareware file conversion tools, all of which are available from Floppyshop.

Ordering Information

  1. Maximum size of photograph is 6"x4" (but see 9 below).

  2. If your photographs are particularly valuable we suggest that you send them to us by registered post. If you want your goods returned by registered post, this will be charged at cost (see below) and is in addition to the stated P&P.

  3. This is a digitising service not a photo retouching one! The disk images you receive back will be a close match to the print you sent us (blemishes and all!).

  4. All material sent to us for scanning must be your own work or you must enclose written permission from the copyright holder to reproduce his/her work. We will not scan material taken from books, magazines or indeed any material protected by copyright law. If you use our service you agree to indemnify Floppyshop against any claims arising from breach of copyright as a result of us duplicating any material on your behalf.

  5. We cannot digitise images from negatives or transparencies, only prints.

  6. Your photographs may be colour or black and white. In the case of black and white prints, the disk images will be saved as greyscales. If your photograph is in colour but you prefer a greyscale scan (eg; for use in a DTP package) you can request this as an alternative to colour.

  7. 256 colour images will be supplied in GIF format unless you specifically request otherwise. The alternatives on offer are TIF or PNG. There is no choice for True Colour images, these can only be output as JPEG due to their sheer size.

  8. Please ensure that you send your photographs to us in appropriate packaging designed to protect them in transit (hard backed A5 size envelopes are recommended for this purpose). We can take no responsibility for goods lost or damaged in the post on their way to us. It is your responsibility to ensure that your photographs reach us in good condition.

  9. If you need larger photographs scanned or particularly high resolution scans for professional reproduction work, we can handle up to A4 size at up to 1200 dpi but the files will be massive and you will have to send us a formatted EZ-135 cartridge to put them on! We will need to discuss your exact requirements in these cases and will give you a quote before commencing work. If you require this service please email Steve Delaney ( or call 01224 586208 Tues, Wed or Thurs between 9am and 4pm.

  10. We have a demo disk available which illustrates the sort of quality (dependent on the quality of your photograph of course!) you should expect from our service. Just order the PhotoScan demo disk. It costs œ1 and is available in DS and HD formats. Please state which disk format is required.


Due to the setup time involved we regret that we cannot handle orders for less than three scans. The charge per scan (up to 6"x4") is 2.50. There is a fixed P&P charge (1.25 UK, 2.25 Europe, 3.00 rest of world) per order regardless of order size. If you wish your goods to be returned by registered post, please add the registration fee (currently 2.70 in the UK, overseas customers contact us first if not paying by credit card) onto the above. Please note that the P&P charge is in addition to that for any software ordered at the same time as photographic orders are despatched separately. Usual turnaround on PhotoScan orders is 7-10 days.


Although every care will be taken with your photographs, we can accept no liability for loss or damage to your property however caused. Our liability is strictly limited to the cost of your order. Receipt of your photographs by us for digitising implies your acceptance of this disclaimer.

Placing Your Order

All orders should be sent to Floppyshop, PO Box 273, Aberdeen, AB15 8GJ, Scotland, U.K. and cheques/PO's should be made payable to Floppyshop. Credit card payment welcome. If you require further information, contact Steve Delaney (

STOSSER Softwares new release


Following up on the success of their last game Heartland, STOSSER Software have started work on its follow-up Diamond Ice

The game will feature:

Make sure you keep an eye out for it.

Croft Soft on the 'Net

Croft Soft Software finally has its own web page, point your browser at:

Please also note that our email address has also changed, it is now:

Wessex Atari Group web page

Wessex Atari Groups web page has moved, its new address is:

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