A letter from your editor!

It's finally here! It's taken its time but now issue 7 of the Atari Times has finally been released.

As we said in issue 6 we will only release the Atari Times when we feel it is ready. This helps us to bring you a higher quality product.

So, what have we got this issue?

Well, first we have another readers Top Ten - this one is by Chris Bloy. We also have some news on four new Jaguar games including the long awaited Towers 2 and Worms. Our reviews this issue are all thanks to Peter J Campell and Harry Sideras who has been moderator of the N.ST.PDREVIEWS echo for quite a while and he has collected together most of the reviews from his echo and supplied me with them.

Preview wise, we will look at Worms on the Jag.

Of course there's loads more, just have a look around :)

Cheers!Colin Polonowski

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