Top Ten by Keith Lock

My name is Keith Lock and I am aged 13 nearly 14, and this is my list of games that I like to play on the ST most of the time. I also have access to a Jaguar which of course is much better, Alien Vs Predator is my fave at the moment!... anyway here we go.

1. Cannon Fodder

This is an excellent game combining the need for strategy, concentration and killer instinct. You have to get your men through each level with at least one surviving member at the end.

Rating: 90%

2. Navy Seals

You have 5 men/lives to find x number of missiles (boxes with the US flag) without being killed. Generally a good game, with a variety of weapons and level intros.

Rating: 88%

3. Fire & Ice

You are Cool Coyote and your aim in life is to protect and guide your puppies through the 7 worlds, freezing and shattering the bad guys whilst collecting parts of the key to the next level. This is quite a good game, your determination to keep puppies alive drives you on, and the fact that you gain a life every time a puppy passes through the end of level door.

Rating: 88%

4. Scooby Doo & Scrappy

You are Scrappy and you've got to rescue shaggy and uncle Scoob. This game has good game play and you discover new things everytime you play.

Rating: 85%

5. Stunt Car Racer

Race your car without wrecking it. Move up the ranks to become the ultimate champion. This game is OK as a starter but it does become tedious after a while.

Rating: 82%

6. Street Fighter II

Choose your champion 3..2..1 fight!

Fight through the eleven other characters and become grand champion. If you don't get your butt kicked. Apart from all the rave reviews this is your bulk standard beat 'em up with a few special moves thrown in for good measure.

Rating: 81%

7. Summer Olympiad

Choose from 5 events in which to compete, and set records every time. OK but gets boring after a while.

Rating: 77%

8. F19 Stealth Fighter

F19 is a strategic filght simulator, where you can pilot a F19 or a F117a, in 2 offensive theatres. This game combines good graphics with mediocre games play.

Rating: 76%

9. Micropose Grand Prix

Race your car around some very realistic tracks, choose characters and make up team names, then for some reason lose it all and end up in 36th place....... it's still an OK game though.

Rating: 73%

10. Star Wars

This game is based on the original movie, the graphics and game itself are old but it's still good to pick up from time to time, just to see how it was in the old days.

Rating: 72%

Happy joysticks.

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