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Atari Computing launch a success

The first issue of Atari Computing was a complete success and sold out almost instantly. Don't worry though, due to the amazing demand and encouraging feedback for Atari Computing Issue 1 we're delighted to announce ACG has decided to reprint Issue 1!

If you've told anyone Issue 1 was a complete sellout please let them know ACG will have stock again soon. Please send cheques and Postal Orders to:

Atari Computing Subscriptions
73 Bentinck Drive
KA10 6HZ

If you have already sent a cheque to a different Atari Computing address don't panic, cheques will be forwarded automatically.

Here's the subscription details:

Evaluation CopyUK* Europe * Other
Magazine only£ 3.00£ 3.50£ 5.00
With Reader Disk£ 5.00£ 5.50£ 7.00
SubscriptionUK* Europe* Other
Magazine only£ 9.00£11.50£13.00
With Reader Disk£15.00£17.50£19.00
* Some countries have local arrangements

Proposed new user group

Stephen F Barszczak is planning to set up a new user group in Yorkshire and the surrounding area, here is the message I recieved:

Dear Reader,

I have been thinking of starting a Support Group for Atari Users in Yorkshire (and the surrounding area), as this part of the country sadly lacks any form of support for our beloved Atari computers.

I really do hope that there is enough response and encouragement from other Atari users to convince me that it WILL be worth my time and effort in setting up an initial meeting for interested parties.

If you would be interested in coming along to a meeting with like-minded individuals, could you please get in touch, either via netmail to myself at 90:100/112, 2:250/326, 51:6/5 or 100:101/14 or by logging on to my local Atari Support BBs T.G.M and leave me a message in the local chat echo.

I really DO hope that you respond to this message, even if it is just to pass it on to anyone else that you feel MAY be interested in coming along.

If you are interested but are not on-line, contact the Atari Times and we'll pass it on.

Mole Mayhem

![center](/ataritimes/images/04/molepic.gif "") Mole Mayhem is slowly approaching release, the game will feature 30 levels and now has a stereo soundtrack and effects throughout.

We plan to release it sometime in the next few months and it is expected to retail at around œ5.

If you're interested in the game, please contact Croft Soft Software. A demo version is available by sending a blank disk and SAE to the address in the addresses section. You can also obtain the demo from the Croft Soft File Area on 42BBS.


System Solutions have recently released their new image editor, Photoline. It's a high end package which features among other things:

The program will be compatible with every Atari computer and special versions make use of the 68030 and FPU chips.

Photoline is available now from System Solutions for £169 including VAT. System Solutions have also recently released MagiC 5, Ease 5 and the long awaited Excel compatible spreadsheet - Texel.

For more on Texel see our preview in issue 1 or for more information on all three, contact System Solutions at the number above.

New Mouse from System Solutions

System Solutions have announced the availablity of their own branded mouse. It has a resolution of 280dpi and a 1.5m lead. The System Solutions mouse costs £14.95.

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