Maggie 21

The Atari diskmag scene is very crowded, Maggie is one of the oldest and most established and Colin Polonowski has read the latest issue...

One thing Atari computers aren't short of is diskmags, on one side we have the new HTML magazines on disk such as The Atari Times and AtariPhile and on the other there are the more traditional diskzines such as Maggie.

Maggie 21 is, as with previous issues, not short of articles. Every one is original and is written especially for the magazine, there is a wide range of topics covered ranging from the usual ones such as news to the more abstract such as Demos.

Maggie is fully up to date with news on Positive Image, the latest on Atari Computing and it even has some news on thing I haven't even heard of such as a new web browser to challenge CAB.

The Demos section contains stuff on a large number of ST and Falcon demos including the Therapy demo and the Tyranny STE demo. It also has quite an interesting bit on ZX Spectrum demos (and no, I didn't know the Speccy had demos either!).

On the reviews side, Maggie has a review of a new CD - the Speccy Sensations CD - which contains a vast number of games, demos and programs for use on the popular ZX Spectrum emulator. There is also a review of the old but reliable Citizen ABC printer.

As for games, they have some interesting stuff on the forthcoming Falcon platformer - Willy Adventurer - along with a review of E.S.L.A. which is available for the ST. They also have a couple of Lynx reviews including Shadow of the Beast.

Other highlights include a relatively large interviews section which features Vogue (Jon Nott of ANL fame), Roy Goring (WAG Member - see profile in issue 5), and Si Gardner (A user of 42BBS).

All in all, Maggie 21 is up to the high standard of previous issues and is a worthwhile read. I'm not a fan of this type of diskzine but I found myself enjoying this one from start to finish.

Highly recommended.

Program: Maggie 21      Author: The Maggie Team
Rating: 90%
Colin Polonowski
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