Submissions - Your magazine needs YOU!

Now that The Atari Times has been relaunched, we need you more than ever. All submissions to the magazine will be published if they are of a good enough standard, the more we get the better the mag will be.

Almost all users must have something to say about their computers, software or hardware, so send us some letters. We will do our best to include it in our next issue. If you have recently used a piece of software (new or old), and feel it deserves some praise, tell us about it. Any feedback on the magazine is welcome too.

Finally, we want people who would like to contribute reviews, previews or features. If you have used a new piece of software or hardware, why not do a review for us?

If we are to continue to produce the mag, we need as much help as possible - it is a very hard job for just one or two people, believe me!

Send any contributions to us, the address can be found in the addresses section.

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