Destruction Imminent

Wolfenstein on the ST?

At last, the ST is beginning to get some high quality Doom clones. First we had Substation by UDS which was an excellent attempt and the Falcon has had Towers 2 and Bad Mood.


One thing lacking from ST Doom clones is the texture mapping and this is one area in which Destruction Imminent excels. In this respect it is the first ever texture mapped maze game on the ST - Substation used Gouraud shading to give a 3D effect.

Another thing which immediately stands out is the smoothness of the game. The authors have managed to make the game as smooth as or maybe even smoother than Substation and this is a very good thing.

The music on the title screen is once again good and is better than the usual ST tune. The in game samples are however not as impressive, they are functional but that's about all.

The game features:

center The game is due for release by Goodmans at the shows for just £9.95 and from what I've seen it is going to be the best ST Doom clone to date. A demo version is available from 42BBS and off the Internet so download it and have a look.

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