Positive Image

Floppyshops long awaited image processor, Positive Image, is here. Colin Polonowski has seen a demo and here are his views...


The program is set in a very well designed GEM interface, and feels very advanced. The program has a large number of options relating to the manipulation of pictures and it runs in all resolutions from ST High to the Falcons Truecolour.


Positive Image can import a large number of different file formats from Degas pictures upto the true colour JPEG format. Surprisingly however, PI doesn't support the popular GIF format or the Kodak PhotoCD format.

One problem is the programs speed - it is very slow on a basic ST and things like NVDI don't help very much.

The number of features is very impressive and they enable you carry out any alterations you may need to do, the drawing and painting tools are akward to use and the editing of Bezier blocks is slow requiring many screen redraws.

On the Falcon, Positive Image makes good use of the DSP and, if you have one, the FPU, making it much faster compared to the ST.


The program requires a minimum of 1 Mbyte of memory and runs on any Atari as well as any TOS compatible operating system including MagiCMac and the Gemulator. It also supports the Iconification of windows.

Positive Image should be available now from Floppyshop on 01224-586208

Colin Polonowski
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