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Peter Campbell bought his Jaguar earlier this year, here is a mini review of Atari's latest console:

I bought my Atari Jaguar in Silica Systems (Glasgow) for just £49.99 which came with :

The game which comes with the Jaguar is, to be quite honest, pathetic! Maybe it's just me, but I think Atari could come up with a better bundle game if they tried.

The control pads are pretty easy to use,thought 15 buttons are a bit of a handful.

Graphics and sound are equal to what you would expect from a Playstation and more.An amazing variety of colours,cd quality sound,2 megabytes of memory and 50 megabytes of storage per cartridge.

Most games start at around £25 and can cost as much as £50.

The system is light and very prortable,and can link-up to any size monitor or TV.


This game is o.k if you like the space shoot em up games. But I don't so I don't expect to be playing it much! It shows off the Jaguar's great scrolling though, and how clear the voice samples are.It also has some great colours and 3D backgrounds,but thats about it.

Alien Vs Predator

If you've seen the reviews in ST Format or any other magazine,I'm sure you'll agree it looks great.

This game must have taken ages to make,it's so huge!! The characters : The Alien,the Predator and the Colonial Marine,are all digitized from models which makes them look VERY realistic and the background is digitized from a scale model too.

The story is based around the Alien trilogy and the two Preadtor films. If you play the Predator, you must kill the alien Queen and claim her skull.If you play the Alien,you must save the Alien Queen from the Predators.If you play the Colonial Marine,you must destroy the space Staion and escape in a shuttle.

Each character is very different with his own abilities which gives the game a different angle each time you play.You have the option to save up to three game positions on the cartridge,and you'll need too!!

The game though very difficult is full of atmosphere and is very enjoyable.


In conclusion,I'd say the Atari Jaguar is very good value for money.You get all the excitement of a Playstation for just £50.

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Peter Campbell
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