Floppyshop releases Positive Image

The long awaited graphics manipulation package, Positive Image has just been released. It offers many features previously not seen on the ST or Falcon, and is compatible with all TOS based operating systems including MagiC 4, MagiCMac, Geneva, MultiTOS, the Gemulator and the developers version of TOS 4.92. Priced very reasonably, this may turn out to be the standard image manipulation package on the ST.

Press Release

# Battle Bowls


Frontier software have announced the release of there new game Battle Bowls. The game is compatible with the Falcon and STE and features excellent graphics and sound. It is based on a new console title, Puzzle Bobble, first released on the Neo-Geo. Among other things, the game includes: 32 colours on screen, two megabytes of arcade quality graphics, over 300 sprites, 600 kilobytes of sounds and music, a fully animated intro sequence and smooth animation. Prices and release dates have yet to be announced.

Atari to drop Jag

There have recently been rumours from the Internet, CIX and NeST networks that JTS Atari is to drop support for the Jag immediately. There has been no confirmation from JTS Atari as of yet, but if there is any truth in these rumours, then this could effectively be the end of the Jag.

The Jag CD has sold in total, 10,000 units - the demand generated from these sales will be minimal and it is very unlikely that many new releases will come the CD attachments way either.

Current reports state that Battlesphere, Iron Soldier 2 and all other forthcoming Jag games are to be dropped. This is a major blow as most of these games are finished and just waiting to be released.

We'll keep you informed as to the Jags future over the next few months.<HR>

Apex 3 heading the Falcons way

Falcon owners will soon be looking forward to the release of Apex 3 the follow up to the hugely acclaimed Apex Media. The package will be viewed as a supplement the the current Apex Media, and will be available to all Falcon owners. At the moment there are no details of upgrade offers.

16/32 and The Console Centre to support Jag

16/32 Systems and The Console Centre have both just began to support the Jag. Both companies are mail order, but they offer reasonable prices.

16/32 are offering some of the newer games such as Atari Karts and Attack of the Mutant Penguins at just œ35 and others like NBA Jam and I-War for just œ30. They also intend to stock other hard to find items such as the JagCD Memory Track Cartridge. The Console Centre currently has the JagCD in stock along with the latest CD and Cartridge games.

Even if JTS Atari do abandon the Jaguar, don't be tempted to sell. Some recent reports state that the Jag is selling for just œ39.99 in some stores so you won't get much anyway. With support from companies like 16/32, The Console Centre and Telegames, it should be around for some time yet.

AW Rescue Package

It is becoming increasingly unliklely that the excellent Atari World magazine will be saved. The syndicate headed by Karl Brandt seems to have had very little success.

Hope is not yet lost however, there has been rumours of a possible new magazine. The publication will probably be subscriber only and will be in monochrome and have a print run of around 1000 copies, but anything new would be welcomed.

We'll keep you posted on future developments.

Gribnif distribution

Titan Designs have taken over support of Gribnif's products in the UK. Gribnif, famous for packages such as the excellent Neodesk4 replacement desktop and the Geneva Multitasking system, previously had products distributed by Compo UK but since the companies demise there has been no UK outlet.

Geneva and Neodesk 4 can be bought from Titan for just œ99, thats a massive saving of nearly œ21 on their separate prices.

# Internews

More and more Atari related web pages are springing up. Recent additions include the Atari Net Locator run by Jonathan Nott. It is a well designed page with pointers to load of Atari related sites. The Atari Net Locator can be found at:
Shareware support group InterActive run by Joe Connor has it's own web page. It contains information on supported products and other useful titbits. Point your browser at:"
The author of the excellent Falcon game Conquest of Elysium has a web page, point your browser at:

Finally, point CAB at:

for more information on the forthcoming Atari Shows in Birmingham and London.

For more web addresses, look in our contacts section.

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