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Well, here it is issue 2. This issue was started just as we sent the first off for distribution, so hopefully, it'll be jam packed with all the latest Atari information.

We have already decided to make some changes to the news letters format. The most noticeable of these will be the removal of the Trek Talk section, we have decided that due to it's size it would be better as a separate magazine. The second is the change in goals, we have decided to make the magazine solely Atari based from now on all articles will be of interest to just Atari owners. This issue sees the launch of our first competition, see the Competition Page for more details. It also has all of the latest news from the Atari world.

I don't know exactly what you use your Ataris for, but I can be sure that the final product would be the same as if you were using a top of the range PC. Fair enough, most Atari users also now own a PC, but how come a ten year old computer can match a new Pentium or 486 for final output?. The TOS range can handle anything that is thrown at it, just look at innovations such as the internet or CD-ROM, the ST can cope with these new technologies just as well as a top of the range PC can.

In my opinion, Windoze 95 is vastly out dated. People are talking about its multitasking capability as if it is a new development, our ST's have in a way been multitasking, in a way, since they were first built by using Desk Accessories and CPX's. The ST also has the relatively new MagiC, MultiTOS and Geneva operating systems which in most users opinions, are way ahead of Windows!. Where Windows slow down a Pentium to a crawl, MagiC gives the 8MHz ST a boost of speed!.

I challenge any reader to come up with something a PC can do better that our trusty ST's!.

Send your letters to the usual address!.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading this issue.

Until next issue,

Colin Polonowski

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