Ultimate ST utility or just poor imitation?

E-Copy is the new all singing, all dancing disk copier from System Solutions, but is it an essential piece of kit or just an expensive luxury?

The current copier market is dominated by the commercial Fastcopy Pro and the PD Fastcopy 3. Priced at around half the price of E-Copy, FCopy Pro certainly has the VFM vote on its side.

SysSol claim that the program is compatible with all Atari compatible operating systems including MagiCMac, and the new Atari compatibles such as the Eagle or Hades.

The program offers a multitude of options from just plain copying, it's own virtual memory system (requires at least 1mb of HD space), support for DD and HD dsiks, and loads of formatting options. It also has the option of storing boot sectors incase things go wrong, and it also has a selection already installed including a virus protection program and another to start a Ram check at boot up.

Overall, this package smacks of quality, with a well designed interface and well written manual translated from the original German by Graeme Rutt (of AW fame). It's compatibility puts the package way ahead of other programs in its field, but at twice the price of its nearest rival, it is expensive.

If you need a well written disk formatter/copier which is stable on any Atari system, then this is the package to go for.

Overall Rating: 89%
System Solutions    £29.95    All Atari Compatibles

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