Croft Soft Update

Trader 2

It has arrived, our first release of '96 and our biggest game yet. Trader 2 takes off where the hugely successful licenceware game Trader left you. You take the role of a ships captain and an important trader in 14th Century Northern Europe. It is your job to develop the biggest and most successful business empire of the era.

The game features:

And loads of other stuff

The game also contains well drawn graphics which make the most of the ST.

The game is available now directly from Croft Soft Software for just £3, this includes a well written manual. Alternatively the game will soon be available from LAPD for the same price, this time without the manual.

Please enclose 50p extra to cover P&P.

Mole Mayhem

Unfortunately, the release of Mole Mayhem has been put on indefinite hold. We have encountered some major problems with the coding. Until further notice all development has ceased. Hopefully, this will not be for too long, but at the moment, most of our time is being spent on our other up and coming releases including Software House ST and Star Voyage 2.

Software House ST

Our next major release, Software House ST, is looking good for a September release date. SHST will be the third game in the Croft Soft Strategy Software range, joining such classics as Trader and Trader 2.

The game will feature among other things:

This is not all however. Between now and the games release, we will be working on putting loads of great features into the game. This is one game to be on your Christmas list for sure!


Our latest serious ST release, CSPass is a comprehensive suite of password programs offering multiple user Ids. This is probably the most comprehensive password program ever released on the Atari ST computers.

The program should be compatible with most ST's, any problems should be fixable with the Generic STOS Fixer or STOS Fix 3.

CSPass is freeware and should be available from most good ST PD libraries and bulletin boards soon.

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