Texel Preview

The ST has programs for all sorts of applications - DTP, Midi, Graphics, Digitising, etc. One thing the ST IS lacking is a decent spreadsheet, Colin Polonowski has a look at a new contender.

Sure, there have been some good Spreadsheets notably the commercial K-Spread series and the Shareware Opus, but in comparison to their PC and Mac counterparts, they are sadly lacking. Along comes Texel, a modern looking spreadsheet which boasts compatibility with the PC standard Excel. The program has a well designed modern looking GEM interface and supports all incarnations of GDOS including the modern outline font systems.

Any installed GDOS font can be used within a sheet, and output is through the GDOS printer drivers giving a very high quality hard-copy.

Cells are treated individually and can be tinted with any GEM fill pattern. Lines between cells can be broken or solid.

In the Demo I tested, I was unable to find out whether there were any Graphing facilities. Although, as these are a standard feature on most PC spreadsheets and are also included within the old Opus package albeit in a limited form, it seems unlikely that the authors would leave them out.

Texel should be available soon from System Solutions.

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