Papyrus 4 Preview


It's taken a long time in coming, but at last Papyrus 4 has been released in Germany. Colin Polonowski has had a look at the demo.

Papyrus Gold 3 is widely thought of as the most powerful Document Processor for the ST, it mixes SpeedoGDOS support with an attractive front end to produce a package to rival those on the PC and Mac.

Papyrus 4 adds more to this. It has been completely rewritten in C, making it feel faster, has support for a greater range of file formats, has an even better interface similar in some aspects to that of Word on the PC, fully multi-tasking compatible, supports upto 240 fonts (using NVDI 4) and a Rubber-band Zoom option.

One of the major flaws in the original program was it's lack of a word count feature, unfortunately, this doesn't seem to have been rectified. However, if you need a powerful text manipulation package, Papyrus 3 is well worth the asking price and with the extra features, Papyrus 4 could be essential to all ST owners.

The English version should soon be available from HiSoft, but if you would like to see the program, a German demo is available from Bulletin Boards around the country.

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