Why Sam...... why???

In internationalen Informationsnetzen durchforsten kann man durchaus kuriose Dinge erleben. Uns fiel dieser Brief auf, den ein gefrusteter Jaguar-Spieler direkt an Sam Tramiel geschrieben hat. Wenngleich diesem User nicht aufgefallen sein mag, dass die Geschwindigkeit bei der Produktion der Spiele nicht in den Händen der Firmenleitung liegt, fanden wir diesen Brief doch so witzig, daß wir ihn in der Originalsprache abdruckten.

Why Sam...... why???S ection: Jaguar General [15]Forum: Atari GAMING+Date: Fre, 11. Nov 1994, 2:50:02 Uhr

Here's the deal. Being on the Jaguar forum over the past few months have both given me highs and lows but nothing more in quantity than frustrations am 17 years old and by no means have seen or experienced as much as the other members of the forum and as such, don't have that mystique of an Atari entity, more like a Company that is the last U.S. video game manufacturer and had superior hardware and insufficient/inferior hardware in the form of the Lynx. Oddly enough, regardless of my "young" age, my first impressions of this Atari(remember, I haven't really ever heard of the trials and tribulations of the Atari computers and for all intents and purposes were dead with the exception of Lynx) company was that they were -top-heavy, disgustedly inefficient and deathly nearsighted.As the months wore on, I became aware of the CEO Sam Tramiel's m.o. and realized my above mentioned diagnosis of Atari was correct. Believe it or not, I in my 17 years on this planet like to think, and rightfully so, that I am very knowledgeable of the video-game world because always, from the days of Intellivision and Coleco, my interest was not only as a fan but an keen observer -- making notes on what succeeded, what failed, and why.1993 arrives, my 8-Bit NES has taken its permanent re-assignment to the duty of door-stop, my TG-16 is a painful reminder that things don't always play out the way they should, and my SNES continues(d) to amaze me with the things programmers were able to pull off even from the very FIRST titles available for the system. Anyways, I hear about this new, 16-Bit Panther now turning into a -64-Bit- system called the Jaguar. My God I thought! Even bad games will at least have to sound and look good anyway, and, what's this? Its made in America!!!! Christmas '93 arrives, I'm the Nintendo rep. at my TRU, getting a real good idea of how customers feel about what's hot and what's not. People ask me, "Which is the best system? Not one of these under-powered ones?" I respond that by far, the Jaguar is the most advanced system on the planet, twice as powerful as the 3DO. But, I say, remember the Lynx?? GameBoy is 8-Bit, GameGear is 8- Bit, and the Lynx was the Only 16-Bit handheld capable of even scaling and rotation. Where is it now?? The Lynx is a case of superior hardware and inferior/insuffecient software. And of the software that did come out, none were of the popular titles your kids would want. I feel the same thing will happen to the Jaguar. Boy was I right.

Regardless, time progressed, I bought a Jaguar off of a friend whom I had been preaching to not to get rid of his Jaguar because AvP was going to be out in July '94. He didn't listen and I got the system. I threw up when I saw Cybermorph and Trevor McMac. What a disgusting pair of insults I thought to myself, How dumb do they think we are?? I then pictured these games being programmed overnight and being rushed out so they can say that they have games out. Months roll by and still the games on the back of the Jag box aren't even released! I myself looked forward to getting Tiny Toons for my sister. I join this forum, and am delighted to read Atari info which none of the "big" mags would allot because they're too busy ooooohing and aaaaahing over the 3DO. I read in this forum these great SCES press-releases and AEO magazines. This is cool I'm sayin, finally things are looking up for my Jag. To make a LONG story short(skipping the frustration of the nation-wide "releases" and how to this day I can't find WF3D or BSF or AvP on my Blockbuster Video shelfes and being mocked at by my EB reps.), here we are, holiday season 1994. Atari makes excuse after excuse and delay after delay on all the "must-be-released" games and accessories.1 sit here listening to music thinking this rotten slob Tramiel!! My God, how many companies out there would love to have the clientelle Atari has!! We actually sit here, brainstorm how a company can produce products so we'll buy them and give them a profit, get pied off when there arent enough of a product to spend money on, and we want a new, more expensive accessory(CD- ROM) to spend money on. We go out and actually advertise by word of mouth to our friends and relatives, celebrate when we see a commercial on a mediocre at best time slot, and raise bell when our company doesn't do enough to sucker in more customers, AND WE'RE NOT EVEN IN CHARGE!!MR. TRAMIEL, IN THE ONE YEAR I HAVE GOTTEN TO "KNOW" YOUR MEANS OF OPERATION, I HAVE BECOME DISGUSTED DOWN TO MY VERY TOE-NAILS WITH YOUR INEFFECIENT AND NEARSIGHTED WAY OF RUNNING THINGSWHILE YOU WATCH ATARI STUMBLE OVER ITS OWN FEET, RIVALS ARE STRENGTHENING THEIR ALREADY EXISTING BASE AND PREPARING FOR THE TRUE NEXT LEVEL.PLEASE, ******PLEASE******** GIVE THE REIGNS TO SOMEONE ELSE BECAUSE YOU ARE JEOPARDIZING ALOT OF GOOD PEOPLE'S CAREERS BY TOYING WITH ATARI, A COMPLETLY UNACCEPTABLE ACTIVITY YOU HAVE MADE YOUR MONEY, THE TIME FOR PLAY IS OVER. I URGE YOU FOR THE GOOD OF ATARI AND EVERYONE WHO WORKS FOR IT, DO THE MATH, AND PLEASE, STEP DOWN.

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