Turbo ST 1.8

Turbo ST Copyright 1988-90
SofTrek Version 1.84 December 11, 1990

Many of you have now been E-mailed version 1.84 of Turbo ST. This is what will be shipped tomorrow, so if you find any problems, please give me a call at (407) 657-4611 “anytime” in the next 24 hours. The problem that Lloyd Pulley reported in the 1.83 beta test version was fixed (thanks for checking for it so promptly Lloyd!).

For those of you that have already paid $5 to update to version 1.8 of Turbo ST, you can get the latest 1.84 maintenance update of Turbo ST free of charge by E-mail, provided you are a registered user. Simply send your request along with your Turbo ST disk serial number to W.BUCKHOLDT on GEnie. This offer will expire on December 20, 1990. the “readme” file for version 1.84 follows, so that you can decide if it’s worth your time to get it.



Wayne at SofTrek

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