How to hook-up a MicroSoft mouse to an Atari ST

 Subject: How to hook-up a MicroSoft mouse to an Atari ST
 Date: 15 Nov 90 03:41:49 GMT

 Here's a repost of my article of wayyyy back (Feb 1989) on how to hook
 an Microsoft mouse to an Atari ST.  No software changes are required.
 All it takes is creating a special cable between the mouse and the

 I've been using a Microsoft mouse now for around 2 years on my 1040,
 with nary a glitch.  It's so much better than the Atari mouse, I'd never
 go back. (IMHO)

 Well, here is how to connect a Microsoft Mouse to an Atari ST.  (520/
 1040) The Atari has a 9-pin D-type connector.  The Microsoft Mouse has
 a rather strange connector on the end.  To prevent having to cut the
 mouse cable up, I made this adaptor.  If you still can't follow it,
 please let me know and I'll try to redescribe it.  This does work for
 me.  I've been using it for 6 or so months now  [Note, it's been 2 years
 now!] with no problems at all.  It does take some soldering skills, so
 if you're not so hot at soldering, find a friend to help.

 As far as I know, this does not effect your Atari's warranty.  However,
 I have not asked Atari.

 Atari ST               Microsoft Mouse               ST expected signal
 ----- --               --------- -----               -- -------- ------
 1                      5                               XB
 2                      3                               XA
 3                      8                               YA
 4                      9                               YB
 5                      N/C                             N/C
 6                      2                               Left button
 7                      N/C                             +5VDC (N/C)
 8*                     6 and also tie to pin 1         Ground
 9                      7                               Right button

 * = I am not sure why I have pins 6 & 1 tied together, but it does work.

 The Microsoft mouse connector looks like this.  This is the solder side,
 with the leads pointing up.

  |     1       |
  |  2 3 4 5    |
  | 6 7 8 9 10  |
  |             |

 If you can not use the connector, the pins are numbered as follows. 
 This is the connector side from the Microsoft Mouse plug:

        /------------\      This is a view at the front of the connector.
       / Blank "KEY"  \     It is where the plug from the mouse would be.
      /----------------\    The pin labeled 'n' is not connected.
      | n   4   X   8  |    The place labeled 'X' is filled, and does not
      | 9   7   1   2  |    have a pin.
      |     5   6      |
       \              /

 Have fun!


Jeff Beadles
Aus:ACE 50 /, Seite


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