Fast 68030 - Jim Allen’s version

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by Jim Allen

TURBO030 is a 68030 based accelerator for the Atari ST. TURBO030 is desig- ned to fit in a MegaST or any ST placed in a "PC" style case. TURBO030 has the following features:

TURBO030 uses static ram caching just like T16 to provide the largest speedup at the lowest cost. TOS is held in superfast eproms that allow 0 wait state acces at all speeds. The cache is also 0 wait state at all speeds, and makes the most of your current memory investment.

TURBO030 is the culmination of 3 years of work developing the premiere speed upgrade to the ST computer line. TURBO030 has been designed to be as compatible as possible to the ST while providing serious acceleration. Most current productivity SW, including all the major titles, are com- patible with TURBO030 and immediately take advantage of the acceleration.

TURBO030 has a full 32bit expansion bus that allows future enhancements to the board, like high speed video and 32 bit ram. TURBO030 is an system that is designed to be upgradeable in both clock speed and features by the user. TURBO030 is designed to work up to 50Mhz and reflects the knowledge and experience that Fast Technology has gained in providing the premiere 68000 based ST accelerator.

When there is a NEED for SPEED, call Fast Tech!!!

The TURBO030 has been tuned to compliment the current crop of HI-RES video boards and greatly enhances both the ISAC and Moniterm boards. TURBO030 also works with the Supercharger and ATSpeed.

As with T16, TURBO030 is manufactured with the latest state-of-the-art surfacemount techniques that ensure longterm reliability and reduce both size and cost.

TURBO030 has been designed to be installed in Meag STs that use the ICD internal HDrive kit, and is completely compatible with all ST hard drive systems.

TURBO030 allows the Atari BLITTER chip to reach its’ true performance potential providing unparalleled graphics performance.

Benchmarks will be posted soon, units will be available as of NOV 1.

The installation is equivalent to the T16 in difficulty, we do recommend a dealers assistance for the inexperienced.

TURBO030 is OUR answer to YOUR speed enhancement needs.

I will have an upgrade policy for those who have been kind enough to purchase my products.

The TURBO030 comes with 32K of cache ram designed to run full blast all the way up to 50Mhz. We do no have ram on the board because we wanted to provide the maximum speedup for your current ram investment, a 32bit ram board will be available in the future but awaits Atari’s publishing of the complete TT ram allocation mechanism. Additional ram, NON-ST ram entails a number of basic incompatibilities that require SW patches. The ST was designed around the ram system, so DMA, VIDEO, and BLITTER activit- ies are all focused on the ST’s 4Meg of ram. The caching design allows TURBO030 to get the most out of the current system with no incompatibilit- ies other than those an 030 chip itself presents. Going to 32bit non ST ram is a featured that has been introduced with the TT computer and en- tails extended BIOS calls that allow programs to load into the new ram.

The TURBO030 was designed with the intention that an “optional feature” board would be made once the specs on this mechanism have been released. High speed 32bit ram is expensive so we have made the TURBO030 provide a serious speed increase without it, at a later date the user can upgrade to a ram?? board when the budget permits. We also felt it important to have a very low profile board that would fit in the system under any addon Mega expansion cards, and under an internal hard drive as these items are popular among our targeted market.

The TURBO030 is also totally CMOS construction that uses only half again as much power as the original 68000 chip. The 68000 chip used for compatability is also CMOS. The ST power supply is only suited for a certain level of addons and a large chunk of ram will lead to a need for a beefier 3rd party power supply. Luckily, Best Electronics is selling just such a power supply so the ST’s lack of power capacity has been addres- sed.

For anyone considering purchasing a Moniterm Monitor for use with any accelerators, I would suggest buy an ImageSystems monochrome monitor and a Matrix adapter card from Germany. The Matrix card is totally CMOS and adds little load to the power supply. It even has a graphic accelerator chip on it for use with Calamus!!!


Here are the latest T16 benchmarks, using QINDEX 2.1 from Darek Mihocka of Branch Always Software, performed at the WAACE show:


   T16      ADSpeed
   ----     -----
   164      164
   204      204   register    
   203      203   divide
   207      207   shift
   167      161   text
   155      158   string
   139      114   scroll
   207      166   draw

Mega4,1.4,monochrome,TurboST 1.8

   T16      ADSpeed
   ----     -----
   164      164   memory
   204      204   register
   203      203   divide
   207      207   shift
   535      521   text
  1981     2001   string
   144      137   scroll
   470      438   draw

This should make Gordon happy as he was interested in the benchmarks for the T16. The minor differences are due to different custom chips in the machines, IMP vs Ricoh.

For your added convenience and information, I post the speeds for the T16 on the Moniterm and ISAC boards in mono (duo) chrome mode:

     T16        T16 + TST1.8
     ---        ---
     164        164    memory
     204        204    register
     203        203    divide
     207        207    shift
     172        552    text
     158       2197    string
      31         31    scroll
     190        468    draw

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