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                  THE CURRENT "STATUS" OF SPECTRE 3.0

 STACE [RT SysOp]             at 01:20 EDT
     Dave has given the O.K. to go ahead and "divulge"  some of  the "good-
 ies" that  will be  in Spectre  version 3.0.      First of all, as of this
 writing, Spectre version 3.0 is still  in beta  test.   It is  VERY close.
 The remaining  bugs are  few and very minor in nature.  On the other hand,
 the added features are too many to count on both hands and feet!  <grin>

                          IMPORTANT!!  PLEASE!! 
 "STATUS" OF  SPECTRE 3.0.   Spectre  3.0 is  NOT ready yet...it is getting
 quite close but telephone calls requesting information about the availabi-
 lity of  version 3.0  will only tie up the valuable time needed to get 3.0
 out the door.  All registered users will be notified via the next issue of
 the  Gadgets  Newsletter  when  Spectre  3.0 is ready to ship. The upgrade
 price to Spectre 3.0 has not been set yet.

 OK...that out of the way, here  are some  of the  "goodies" you  will find
 waiting for you in the next revision of Spectre software!

   * Spectre now supports up to 16 HD partitions

   * The  Spectre "function  key" keyboard  mapping has  been changed as to
     support the added HD partitions as well as  to "standardize" Spectre's
     other various  key functions!  Example:  Color mode Scrunch and Scroll
     modes have been moved to CONTROL-F1 and CONTROL F2.  

   * Alternate-Control-Delete does a Warmboot back into Mac mode
   * Alternate-Control-RightShift-Delete does a coldboot into ST mode

     (You see...standardization was the key word with this release!)

   * Keypad and arrow keys now function the same as a Mac Plus

   * Sound Manager (used in System 6.0+ and HyperCard) now works.
     (HyperCard now has sound!!)
     (Currently, Sound Manager does not work in 832K mode)

   * Serial port advanced control call for setting baud rate works
     (CDC Connect now works)

   * LaserWriter driver now supported
     (Print thru the serial port to a PostScript laser printer!)

   * Spectre code now works with 68020 and 68030 CPUs.

   * Mac mode *Spectre* disk formatting now supported

   * Aladdin format disks now supported

   * DOS Mounter and Apple File Exchange now work
     (Use MS-DOS disks in Mac mode)

   * New HD formatter (now called  OOP  instead  of  ACK)  provides several
     different improvements:

    1) PARAM RAM/CONFIG PAGE settings are saved WITHOUT the need for progr-
       ams like Disk Param INIT

    2) New partition format now works  properly with  Disk First  Aid, Disk
       Express II and Mac HD backup programs

   * MegaTalk option added to the Spectre menu

   * User  selectable vertical  blank interrupt allows support of many MIDI
     programs that rely on screen for timing, etc.

   * Spectre menu page has complete redesign and new layout

   * The Mac's RESTART menu option now works properly

   * System's 6.0.4 and 6.0.5 now work 100% properly

   * Numerous "clean-up" bug fixes to  the Bus  handler and  serial drivers
     allow many problem programs to work.  Grammatik Mac now works. PageMa-
     ker 4.0's print PostScript to disk now works.   Many  HyperCard stacks
     that locked up before now work.

 Well...believe it  or not..there  is more!!   The  README file that accom-
 panies the beta 3.0  release is  9 1/2  single spaced  pages long!!   Hope
 everyone is excited!  <grin>


 Non-GCR owners may wonder what use the Megatalk board could be to them. 
 Here's some comments from Dave Small (from the Gadgets by Small Roundtable
 on GEnie) about that....

 "Doug has software that does miracles with MegaTalk."

 "He  can currently dial into three online systems at the same time  using 
 the Stalker desk accessory (a terminal program D/A).  Or he can  transfer 
 files  at  really high speed between systems MegaTalking in  ST  mode.  I 
 forget the exact figures -- It was up in the megabit range, I believe."

 "MegaTalk is primarily aimed at the Mac emulation market,  of course, but 
 that  doesn't mean those chips aren't just begging to be turned loose  on 
 the ST."



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