Specs - Portfolio, STacy, TT

- New York City, N.Y. LATEST SPECIFICATIONS REVEALED ------------------- TT Specifications: ----------------- Processor 68030 32 MHz Optional math co-processor RAM 2 MB (expandable to 8) ROM 512K Floppy 1.44MB 3.5 in. BUS VME ACSI internal bus SCSI internal bus with external connector Ports 2 asynchronous RS 232 2 synchronous RS 232C Parallel MIDI Stereo audio outputs Sound Digital 8 bit stereo sound Video ST and TT modes Features Battery backed clock 145 watt power supply latest TOS Optional Unix V 3.1 Stacy Specifications: -------------------- Prococessor 68C000 8 MHz Memory 1MB RAM ROM 256K 128K External Cartridge 32K Static RAM for LCD Display Storage Internal 3 1/2 in. 720K micro floppy Port for external floppy DMA Port for optional internal Hard Drive Display 640 x 400 resolution supertwist LCD backlit monohrome display, split horizontally at line 200 User Interface 94 keys, qwerty, separate cursor key cluster, separate numeric keypad, 10 function keys, trackball and two mouse buttons built in. Input/Output Ports Printer (8bit parallel) RS 232C, 50-19,200 baud MIDI In, Out/Through 31.25 baud optically isolated receiver Game controller ports DC power input jack Operating System TOS in ROM GEM Environment, icons, windows GEM virual device interface Software TOS, GEM Power 8 x C cells, Nickel/cadmium rechargeable 5-10 hours, Alkaline 18-35 hours Physical Demensions 13.3H x 15W x 13.3D 15.2 lbs, including batteries Portfolio Specifications: ------------------------ Processor 80C88, 4.9152 MHz RAM 128K including internal RAM configured disk (from 8K size) ROM 256K containing BIOS, operating system and applications Screen Graphics LCD supertwist technology, Software controlled contrast MDA text compatible 40 columns, 8 lines Graphics 240 x 64 pixels Keyboard 63 keys, PC compatible, buried numeric keypad and function keys Sound Speaker with DTMF dialing capability Mass Storage memory Card 32-128K Power 3 penlite (4-6 weeks use) Optional 117V adaptor Expansion Port 60 pin Pocket PC expansion BUS Memory Expansion RAM epansion to 640K Accessories RAM Expansion modules PC Card Driver Serial Port Parallel Port Applications In ROM

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