PD Gamepack

********************* * * * PD GAMEPACK * * * ********************* THE PD GAMEPACK, COMPRISING THE FOLLOWING 7 DISKS CAN BE PURCHASED AT THE SPECIAL DISCOUNT PRICE OF $35.oo FROM THE CLUB'S PD SOFTWARE OFFICER - CATHY TUCK. - PH> 349 3602 (2pm - 5pm weekdays) G20 NAVAL BATTLE - A Battleship game with speech synthesiser. BY JOHN HUTCHINSON. 520 AND 1040 VERSIONS FOR BOTH SINGLE/DOUBLE SIDED DISK DRIVES/ PLEASE SPECIFY L/H G29 BUBBLES - Guide the bubbles through the cave. Beware of the drips and the bee! Good fun! H/col REVERSI ACC SHIBIT NUMBER GO DOTDASH - Good! Play a friend or Computer. H/col CHRISTMAS SONGS - Many songs to play on your ST. G40 BOG - Mouse controlled. Boggle type game, a 4x4 grid is filled with letters. Object is to guess words. Your computer opponent calculates how long you took. Documentation provided.M/H RACE CARDS - Mouse controlled. Kids one. Combination addition and race game, for every correct answer your car advances. object is to beat the other car to the finishing line. No Documentation. L KIDS STORY - Mouse controlled. Based on Little Red Riding Hood except you can alter it somewhat. For 5-9 year olds. L G44 CRAPS DUCKROGERS - GOOD. col FLIPPER - Load a NEO pic and turn it into a jigsaw.L HACMAN - Pacman clone. col SHADOW - Guess where your opponent's men are. COL. G49 HANGMAN - Educational! Spelling game. Makes quizzes to suit any age. Good. col JITTERBUGS - Space game. with Ship Editor full doc inc. col PENGO - Fast action, excellent graphics, col LINEUP 4 ACC - Like connect 4. not bad. COL. G71 TETRIS1 - By Michael Jenkin is an excellent implementation of the addictive Russian game TETRIS. This version is based on SUNTETRIS by Rick Iwamoto. L/M STETR2.PRG - This is STETRIS by PCM van der Arend. Another excellent implementation of the addictive Russian game. Three skill levels, 10 playing levels, variable number of lines (with randomly placed blocks). Variable height playfield, redefinable keyboard controls and preference/ high score save ability. M WEEGAM.PRG - Is a collection of activities designed with the idea of a small child sitting on their parent's lap, enjoying each other's company as much as the games themselves and was written by Steven M. Low. It has a multiple activity "game" with Matching Letter/Number, simple math, and rudimentary drawing board, ABC's etc.L COLRQU.PRG - Color Quest is a simple game that can really shape up your memory. It's a shareware program (a Simon clone) that was written and compiled in STOS basic by J. Peach. The game board consists of four color buttons. The object of the game is to remember which buttons the computer or another player selected (in order) while continually adding new buttons to the sequence. Commercial quality program. Color only and works on all roms. STATES.PRG - This is another nice shareware program by Steven Schmitz. It will help teach your children geography, the states of U.S.A. and their capitals. M G86 THE WOLF AND 7 KIDS - By. D.A. Brumleve. Good graphics adventure created with Talespin. Interactive. Ages 5-9. Col KID COLOURS - Shareware by P. Christensen. Colour learning game for ages 3-7. KID ADDER - An adding game with graphics and basic sound. Col

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