PD Edu-Pack

****************** * * * PD EDUPACK * * * ****************** THE FOLLOWING 15 DISKS, COMPRISING THE PD EDUPACK CAN BE PURCHASED AT THE SPECIAL DISCOUNT PRICE OF $75.oo FROM THE CLUB'S ST SOFTWARE OFFICER - CATHY TUCK. - PH> 349 3602 (2pm - 5pm weekdays) G8 KIDSFUN 2 - Make Akiken Drum - put him together. Good fun. L ABC - game. Piano - Mouse controlled, educational. L G9 KIDSFUN 3 - KIDGRAPH - 3 Sample pics. You can draw your own. L KIDGRID - Similar to KIDGRAPH. 3 sample pics inluded. L KIDPIANO AND ORGAN. L KIDMUSIC - Plays nursery rhymes. L KIDNOTES - Play your own tunes. L G10 KIDSFUN 4 SPELLPIC - BASIC GAME. L WORDPIC. FIRSTMATH - Various levels - Great graphics, a good tutor for children from 5-10, Teaching spelling, maths and recognition at different levels. L PUZZLE.ACC ST INTRO - Explains the DESKTOP. M SUPERSIMON - Repeat the sequence of colours and notes. L G11 THE PLANETS - DOUBLE SIDED DISK. Great prg. With pics of the Planets, Moons and Asteroids with information about each. Educational. L G41 K SHAPES - Mouse controlled. This is a building block type of affair, whereby coloured shapes can be selected to build bigger shapes, suitable for 5-9 year olds, good educational software, potential to be upgraded to paint package. Documentation provided.L MATCH ABC - Mouse controlled. From a large selection of cards, try and remember matching pairs of letters. for two players. Good for both children and adults. Documentation provided.L G42 K SHAPESP - again! This one is for ages 9 - adult. L QUIX - Keyboard controlled. Based on arcade game QIX, this version is not graphics based, but author claims version is being developed. Object is to fill in 75% of playing area without getting hit by the qix, fuse, or spar Documentation provided. L/M G45 KIDPUBLISHER - From Dot Brumleve, who gave us the Kidsfun prgs. good for primary age - both versions are included. Your child can write a one page story - do a drawing and print it out. Very nice. L CHILDPLAY - Drawing prg for very young children. L Press ESC to clear screen. CONTROL + C TO QUIT. MYSTERY - Logic puzzles. Murder & intrigue. ALL COL. G60 BARNYARD - (OLD FARM PRG) for the young ones. Concentration type game. Colourful with good sound effects. L MATHDRILL - Basic add, subtract, or the lot game. Reset to exit. H/L Mr. POTATO - BY D. Brumleve. colourful matching game. Similar to Aiken Drum. L G61 NUMBERS GO ROUND - Very good numbers/sums/puzzle game for all of us!! L. REBUS 4 WRITER - By D. Brumleve. Make words using pictures. L educational. G68 SEASIDE.PRG - BY Frank M. Hundley. Excellent LOW RES matching game with a difference! Good for all ages. 4 levels and not easy! Match the pics BUT BEWARE OF THE SHARK. Ring the bell and save your score. The graphics are great as is the sound of the sea animals, many of which are peculiar to this program. L DOT 2 DOT.PRG - Ver1.9 BY Dorothy Brumleve. Again a very good prg. Easy graphics. Click on the numbers in the pic in order. Print it out. Includes Dot Maker Prg. L. G80 BENJAMIN'S ABC'S - Shareware by C.M. Masserman. Teaches children the alphabet. With digitized speech and graphics. For ages 2-5 Col. G81 FLASHCARDS 1 - By Potomac Pacific Engineering Inc. Vocabulary trainer. Learn spelling, identify meanings, new words!. Print it out. Ages 13 - 80! Manual on disk. Make your own! Over 7500 words. Col/Mono. Extra modules available. G82 FLASHCARDS 2 - SEE ABOVE G83 FLASHCARDS 3 - AS ABOVE G84 FLASHCARSD 4 - AS ABOVE

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