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|*||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||*| |*|MIDI PHONE CONNECTION REVIEW|*| |*| by Terry Schreiber |*| |*||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||*| MIDI jam sessions over the phone? Yes, with a new software package - MIDI-Phone Connection you can play realtime over the phonelines with a standard 2400 baud modem. The music that you play is transferred in a digitally compressed form and re-created on the other MIDI system. The MIDI systems do not have to be identical because the program contains MIDI system mapping information. Text messages may also be transmitted simutaniously without any delay in the music. As an added feature the program conatins a keyboard re-mapper which allows you to re-map any note on your keyboard into any other note or chord on any MIDI channel. A different mapping is allowed for each song. The software contains a music sequencer with standard MIDI file support so that you may record and playback your session later. With standard 2400 baud modems there is a delay of about 20 milliseconds. You may use the program with 9600 baud modems to reduce the delay to about 6 milliseconds. People can now have real-time musical interaction without having to be in the same room or city. MIDI-Phone Connection will be available in September for $195.00 from your local dealer or contact: J.D. Koftinoff Software Box 1405 Grand Forks B.C. V0H 1H0 (604) 439-7583

Terry Schreiber
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