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                                 No 49

EDITORIAL    3/11/90

    An acquaintance, whom I foolishly allowed to move into my house ("just for
a few months") 9 months ago, has been bragging about the the 386 IBM clone,
he recently purchased. The machine running windows 3.0 features windows, 
icons, and menus (what will IBM think of next?). 
    Now that a 68030 upgrade board (see ST NEWS) and a 386 add on, are in the
works, I'm feeling better.

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                       SYDNEY 2001
                       NSW AUSTRALIA

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  ACII text files or DEGAS/ELITE picture files can appear automatically 
  at bootup as well as within the main program. *Note ASCII text files
  to appear at bootup are limited to 23 lines per screen.

                                      Greg Smith

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