Düsseldorf show report

ctsy of GEnie and Rolf Hilchner

Back from the Atari show! Here are some highlights....

The TT is ready to go!!!

Atari Germany has stated that there are 200 machines at their dealers! The TT comes with a 32Mhz 63030. The operating system is called "TOS 030" and is downwards compatible to the ST TOS. The TT is claimed NOT to be a computer for textprocessing.... it is alleged to be much to fast for that! The TT comes with a memory managing unit, a 256 Bit Cache, which is in- tegrated on the chip (MC 68030).

For mathematical operations the TT can be put together with the MC 68881, MC 68882. The TT comes with either 2, 6 or 8 MB of main storage. The main storage can be upgraded with 4-Megabitchips up to 26 MB of RAM! The TT has one parallel, two serial intefaces, a MIDI Interface and the Atari ACSI DMA Channel (for Harddisks, Laserprinters and CD-ROM, etc.). The TT also has either two Highspeed SDLC Interfaces or one Highspeed SDLC Interface and one interface for a slower LAN, like AppleTalk. Also a SCSI Interface was integrated with a SUB-D-Connector (25 Pin).

The Floppy-Controller: It can handle two 720KB 3 1/2 inch Floppies, one is already built in the TT. A very fast (lower than 20 milliseconds) 40 Meg harddrive also comes with the TT030. The Sound system now works with 8-Bit-PCM-Stereo (Pulse Code Modulation).

And now, the screen resolution of the TT:

It can handle up to 4096 colors, resolution is from 320x200 (16 color- s) via 320x480 (256 colors) up to 640x480 (16 colors at a time). Plus the super-high-resolution monochrome mode with 1280x960 pixels. And, last but not least, the "Duochrome" mode, 640x400 pixel, like the resolution of the monochrome Atari ST, programmable in two colors of your choice. Professionals may be interested in the internal VME-Bus (A24/D16, A16/D16) This port permits one to integrate the TT with other professional hardw- are.

The second new product Atari debuted at Dusseldorf was the new SLM 605 laserprinter, 6 pages per minute and smaller than the SLM 804.

Editor Note: The SLM 605, (Epson Laser Compatible), made for Atari by Mannesman Tally, is destined to become the "sweetheart of the industry" as its also madefor Zenith and a number of other well known manufacturers.

There was nothing very new at the software side, except that GFA showed GFA-BASIC running under MS-DOS and UNIX !!!

If you are interested, here some basic show statistics:

Over 200 exhibitors from 16 countries, inclusive Australia and the UdSSR were exhibiting at Dusseldorf on 20.000 square meteres. More than 50.000 visitors, Atari said had attended the show! Other products shown at Dusseldorf included the ATW (the Transputer) the complete, and the elaborate PC line, the ST line and the Stacy, the Portfolio, the CD-ROM and of course, the TT.

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