PC-Ditto Fix

To: All PC-DITTO II Owners, both Present & Future

Subject: A Better Mousetrap Accolade:

PC-DITTO II, with a dependable installation, is an exceptional value (Price/Performance) when compared to the other offerings. Read on ..!

Since installing PCDITTO-II in my 1040 this past February I have had to reform & reseat the 68000 interface board at least five times. The prime cause's of the contact loss are two fold:

One being that its almost impossible to hand form all contacts evenly, Secondly, Copper and its Alloys all have memories, which means that a bend, or form over time, will tend to relax or partially un-form itself.

Out of frustration, I have designed and fabricated a metal forming Die that will impart a 'V' notch at the end of each leg. This provides for a greater and more uniform contact pressure at the 68000 interface.

                     |          |    
                     >          <    
                     '          ' 

As a means of recovering my time and tooling costs, I will impart this form onto 68000 interface boards that are used on 520's and 1040's using this type of interface: (68K Connector REV. C). The basic design, eliminates the cam-over rotation (with its inherent unforming of the pivot leg) required to install a hand formed tapered unit, as this unit can be pushed straight on. There are no guarantees that this will replace a soldered connection, but it sure beats what's offered out of the box. No warrantee is either expressed or implied and owner of Interface Board accepts all responsibility for the reform of legs and their end use.

The cost of this service will be a $10.00 money order, payable to:

                            E. Baumgras
                           14  Kidd Kove
                     Baldwinsville,  NY, 13027


The shipper must also include a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope, with postage in the amount of $0.85.

pc-ditto II is a registered trademark of Avant-Guard Systems. 
   Atari is a registered trademark of Atari Corporation.

 An inherent advantage of this installation over solder, is its ability
 to be migrated to future systems, while leaving the original  68000 in
 an undesecrated state.

        Anticipated turn-around is (1) day after receipt.

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