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Taylor Ridge Books P.O. Box 48 Manchester, CT 06040 (203) 643-9673 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: TAYLOR RIDGE BOOKS (203) 643-9673 LEARN TO PROGRAM THE ATARI ST WITH C-MANSHIP COMPLETE Manchester, CT. August 8, 1990--Taylor Ridge Books has announced the release of C-manship Complete, the popular C and GEM programming tutorial originally published in ST-Log magazine. Written by Clayton Walnum, the former editor of ST-Log, C-manship Complete guides readers through both the basics of C programming and the complexities of the GEM operating system. The 400-page book is $19.95. A disk version, which includes both the book and two single-sided disks, is available for $29.95. "C-manship is the only book that teaches both C and GEM programming," says Clayton Walnum. "Everything you need to know to program your Atari ST in C is covered in C-manship Complete." C-manship Complete begins with the basics of C programming, then progresses to such advanced topics as the VDI, alert boxes, customized mice, file selectors, raster operations, dialog boxes, windows, desk accessories, animation, and more. The book concludes with an in-depth "take-apart" of a large-scale GEM application. Dozens of sample programs are included. C-manship Complete can be ordered from Taylor Ridge Books, P.O. Box 48, Manchester, CT 06040 at the prices listed above plus $2.00 P&H. Connecticut residents must include 8% sales tax.

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