|*||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||*| |*| Z*NET ECHOES |*| |*| by Terry Schreiber |*| |*||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||*| ATONCE 286 AT EMULATION General Specs from the manual ----------------------------- - 16 bit, 8MHz 80286 CPU - Norton factor 6.7 - 704kb DOS-Memory (in ST's with at least 1 MB RAM) - up to 3 MB(e.g. Mega ST 4) Expanded/Extended memory for example as RAM-DISK or as RAM for certain programs - Administration of up to 24 GEM-DOS-compatable partitions under DOS - DOS can be booted directly from one of these partitions - Supports hard disk and removable hard disk subsystems (for example votex HDplus, vortex DataJet) (Ed.note: commonly refered to as Syquest mechanism) - Video-Emulations: CGA, Hercules, Toshiba T3100, Olivetti (with the Atari color monitor CGA only) - Use of the Atari Mouse as Micro-soft-Mouse (on COM1 as well as COM2) - Supports the parallel and serial interface - Complete integration of the internal 3.5" floppy drive as 720KB DOS floppy drive, as well as one external 3.5" or 5.25" as 720KB/360KB DOS floppy drive - Sound support - Adapter for 1040STE and Mega ST (optional extra) The first striking this about this product is the guarantee. "Votex guarantees that on leaving the premises of vortex the product is in a faultless condition and is manufactured to the product specifications. No further guarantee is given." With this in mind I suggest that you have an experienced tech install this unit, although I did install my own and it took about 35 minutes. The manual is quite informative as to the install in all the Atari product line excepting the Stacy. The size of the ATonce makes it an instant sell in the Stacy as the board measures 2 3/4" X 3 1/4" by 5/8" height requirements. After the install I did find that being used to Supercharger and it's handling of GEM partitions I became spoiled. All partitions to be used as DOS partitions need to be formatted under dos therefore making most drives need re-formatting and/or re-partitioned for the size that you need. A 16 meg partition is the maximum you are allowed. After the install you are ready to boot. There is a noticeable difference in speed in the boot-time as compared with the Supercharger, the ATonce is about 1/3 faster. As for benchmarks and speed checks I didn't do any but the speed increase is very noticeable. I tried it on both color and monochrome and the color was somewhat lacking. A future upgrade to some software emulations for color would be nice so that you can run Hercules and EGA, VGA would also be nice but I would, for now be satisfied with Hercules. Running Better Working's "Eight-in One" software I connected a modem and Voila'- connect 9600 ARQ to a local system. As for Atari Laser printer, the manual doesn't state anything regarding the laser. I will try it out in the next week and see what happens, hopefully it will work as well as the Supercharger.

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